Free site for expired domains with PR?


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Jan 13, 2010
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Gotta say I love this site and intend to start contributing once I've got past my newbie level! :confused:

I am interested in buying expired domains with PR and used to get the information from Freshdrop and wp mage. Freshdrop now charge for the priviledge and WP Mage is pants so I cancelled!

Anyone know of a free site that allows you to see GoDaddy Closeouts or other sites expired domains and shows stats such as PR, backlinks, Alexa ratings etc? If not free, the cheapest alternative. Thanks in advance guys! Keep up the great work...
Just a note for you, a LOT of these sites Fake their PR. So when you are looking to buy one make sure you check the PR for validity. On google, their are some sites you can find to do that. They use a 401 redirect to a site that has a High Pr which tricks some of the PR checkers. For example, when buying make sure the site has backlinks because if it says PR 4 with no backlinks their is something wrong.
use info:check-pr-if-fake-or-not*com in google
This is the the simplest trick to check fake pr.
Yep, I was aware of fake PR methods. Just need a site to buy expired domains! ;-p
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