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  2. Rosath

    Expired Domain - built the Structure, can I disallow?

    Hi, I'm done manually rebuilding the structure of an expired domain. I'm trying to keep the authority. I'm wondering if I can disallow Google from crawling them or if this could have a negative impact. They are not 100% identical. I replicated the site structure but not the design. There's...
  3. kumarhitesh059

    Do expired domains that are already redirected to other domains worth it?

    I have found two expired domains that are already redirected to the different websites. Should i buy them? One of the sites have a DR of 47 and other one have a DR of 10. DR10 website have a link of government website but it is redirected to other one. And both of these sites don't show on...
  4. Turbo B.

    SEO/PBN/301 Domains with High DA/DR and Quality Backlinks

    Cheap High-Authority Domains for PBN, SEO, and 301 Redirects Benefits of these domains: $50 - $220 per domain High authority DA / PA / DR / TF / CF based Strong link profiles What can these domains be used for? Build a new site Build a PBN 301 redirect to your existing site List of the...
  5. T

    Excellently named expired domain but originally from a completely different niche

    I think this is a very interesting question and im eager to see what people have to say about it . I have found an expierd domain with great links and domain authority whos name corresponds directly to the subject of the site i want to build. HOWEVER the niche that this domain gained its...
  6. jefis

    ✅Authority.Domains -> Expired Domains with Backlinks from Authority Websites. Perfect for 301 or PBN's

    [What are Expired Domains?] Expired domains are especially attractive due to crucial SEO factors primarily associated with an existing backlink profile. What to do with them? 301 Redirect an Expired Domain to Your Site (a great way to boost your rank in the search engines) Start Your Website...
  7. Hircus

    Utilizing FOUR new FIRE Expired Domains

    Hey all, I have recently come up on some FIRE expired domains. Im talking straight gangster backlinks. Starting a blog or PBN with a DA 9 website will be a massive benefit versus using a freshie. I'm almost certain one of them (concirt) was an old PAA site one of you guys gave up on since the...
  8. Guntater

    A Peek Inside Davy Jones' Locker: Are Expired Domains Worth It?

    Arrr! So ye be thinking of pillaging an expired domain for yer online presence and SEO, eh? Aye, there be booty to be had, but this here be no easy voyage, and there be many a danger lurking in the murky depths. Listen up, ye landlubbers, for I be an old sea dog with plenty a voyage under me...
  9. Aadya

    What Should I Do With This Expired Domain?

    Hi, this is a 20 year old expired domain of publication started as a website for talking about What & About's in America covering mostly Politics, Society and Sometimes Religion and very very small portion where it talks about American Finances everything that was covered on this website was...
  10. A

    ▶️Selling Google News Approved Websites▶️Wordpress Websites▶️Built on Expired Domains▶️GET Faster Indexing

    I am selling Google News Approved Websites (New Edition). Google News approved domains/websites are valuable because they are more likely to get faster indexing and get traffic due to Google algorithm. I research and buy expired domains, then build websites and get them approved on google...
  11. ATuringtest

    How to use Spamzilla effectively ?

    I must have been through 30 domains tonight only to google search site: and find Chineezy pages even when spamzilla says it a 4 to like 8. Confused I just want a few half decent un spammed domains for project "Fuck Google II" What's the best setting ? BTW most of the YT vids are utter filthy...
  12. A

    ▶️Selling Google News Approved Domains ▶️Expired Domains▶️GET Faster Indexing

    I am selling Google News Approved Domains (New Edition). Google News approved domains are valuable because they are more likely to get faster indexing and get traffic due to Google algorithm. I research and buy expired domains and get them approved on google news. So, yes, expired domains will...
  13. SMMTribe

    How do you find expired domains with high DA?

    Hey, Anyone knows how to find those high DA sites who have been expired?
  14. P

    How do i get Godaddy "Buy now" domains list from Spamzilla?

    I used to use domcop before for finding godaddy "buy now" domains by selecting this option before. The list gives ready to buy domains instead of bidding. How do i get such a list in Spamzilla? Could not find such option in spamzilla filters
  15. Sartre

    ███████【 Sartre's Aged Domains 】███████ -10% Discount ███████ ▶️ Exclusive Aged Domain Names ▶️ 20+ years old ▶️ Dominate Google ◀️

    From the desk of Sartre, I’m going to keep this simple. I have dropped over $1.5M of my crypto money on buying Aged Domains at auctions over the last 2 years. I have a massive portfolio of Aged Domain names, and now it's time to let them go. You can see a general overview of my domains here...
  16. Bloodseeker

    [GET] List of expired domains that have backlinks from Mashable.com

    Scraped it using DHG. Enjoy :) https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1x6GoATAgGg59FayQmqZ3Kk0ojq9yxFCz/edit?usp=sharing&ouid=111887047632801064454&rtpof=true&sd=true
  17. veniop

    Premium Aged Domains for Sale [Exclusive] [High Quality] [Quality Checked]

    Hi folks, Got some extremely high quality domains for sale, with extremely hard to acquire backlinks and high DR scores. You can bid on these domains, the highest offer will get the domain. Accepting offers $1500+ Domain 1: visitor***.org DR: 40 Referring Domains: 1000+ Backlinks from...
  18. S

    The Case Study of How I Messed Up Expired Domains [Need Help]

    I have bought an expired domain at the beginning of June. The domain was still ranking for ~150 keywords in Google and before it had like 9-10k keywords with about 10k traffic. So I bought this domain, and firstly just restored the site from webarchive. Semrush instantly started showing more...
  19. Rollfic

    Signs of Penalty?

    Hello, analyzing some expired domains and these are traffic SS: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Are these penalized? Semrush's AS is 20+ and DR is around 30+ of all those. And these are on sale for 4 figures+ Also if CF is more than TF, then spammy? Some other domains like ur1.ca coinpot.co are...
  20. jefis

    ✅ eBook: How to find Expired Domains

    This eBook is for everyone who is into SEO and knows how to leverage the authority of expired domains. In the past, I ran a service where I helped customers find expired domains tailored to their niche and their special needs. From domains that have specific high-quality backlinks from sites...
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