1. A

    want to buy installs for a chrome extension

    i have a chrome extension and for that i need more installs i want this work fast and will pay good for it\
  2. Freedom$

    Daily Motion

    Hi everyone, please can any one update me with how works, I have been on this video streaming platform for months, my plays has been improving from 3000K to 6000K but my earning is not improving, from $0.09 to $0.12. have read several articles in their sites and other sites...
  3. PrivateCPA

    PrivateCPA - Direct Advertiser & CPA Network - VOD, Sweeps, Dating, Nutra, Downloads & More

    Apply for Account Contact Us: Email: [email protected] / Skype: live:.cid.8d2abd27b7b2dba8 / Telegram: @help_cpa / Web Contact:
  4. J

    How to Monetise my torrents / downloads blog without Adsense?

    I have a blog where I upload torrent links and download links for movies, anime and tv shows. As adsense would not get approved, what are other good ways or networks I can monetise through? I am currently using Adsterra network with very low CPM rate. TIA
  5. DigitalDaniel

    (WTB) Chrome Extension Installs

    Hey, Looking to buy good chrome extension installs. Would prefer countries like USA, Canada and Australia. Not looking for all at once download, but rather a steady increase in installs over a few days. Thanks!
  6. akash80575

    [Get] Free VPN With No Data Limit and No Speed Limit, Best To Unblock Sites and Access Networks

    I am writing this thread to let you set up and use Free VPN which is completely free, with no speed or traffic limits. This is FREE VPN. What is Free VPN? As per them, they are a non-profit organization that created this VPN service which is completely free and safe to use. Plus they have a...
  7. J

    want to buy chrome extension installs - 400 users for $150

    Hi there looking to buy real chrome extension installs - USA, EUROPE, AUSTRALIA only - not incl asia and africa Gradual install rate - not looking for 400 users all at once -- spaced out over a 3/4 days to look less suspicious. Experienced PROs only please not looking to get banned by chrome...
  8. C

    List of PPI Companies, that work and legit 100% (Updated June 2020)

    1. codmobilehax .site (remove space between) (New PPI Company, they offer hostable .exe file where you can host it where you want, very high conversation rate) 2. polarads. com (remove space between) (Also new PPI Company, they offer CPI, CPA ads, but not so good conversation) 3...
  9. Arcanine

    Buy real downloads not bots

    where I get people to download a file 1000 downloads per day first having to go through a shortened link with Adfly-style advertising
  10. A

    Account and Password - Bill Gene is Marketing

    Dear All Recently I purchased Bill Gene is Marketing and would like to share it with all of you. username: [email protected] password: UFRdhP67bZ Student Portal - Enjoy. Cheers!
  11. kruner

    Looking for people able to get software installs again

    Im Looking for a downloads website owners or Pay Per Installs users Experienced People Only , we pay more than your current Pay Per Install , We can ensure it. We are promoting our Smart Ads Software and we are paying well. Payments are for downloads - 1 Pay per user (We dont pay x2 if a user...
  12. ixilcrypt

    Free python course on Udemy

    Found this on Reddit. "Automate the Boring Stuff with Python" Udemy course is free to sign up for with code NOV2019FREE Udemy has changed their coupon policies, and I'm now only allowed to make 3 coupon codes each month with several...
  13. CPA Studio

    List of Approved DL Sites?

    so can i have the list of approved DL sites please? My post was taken down because of not having downloads on approved DL Sites would appreciate responses.
  14. C

    Where is the download section

    Hey guys after a long time. It seems lots of updates has been done on BHW. Does anyone know what has happened to download section? Thanks
  15. KrookedWarden

    Tips for monetizing downloads?

    Hello everyone, Tl;DR: I am looking for methods to generate revenue from the downloading of files from my website. I am currently building a website that has a large repository of files for download, over 15,000+ (not adult). I am looking for advice on the best way to monetize these downloads...
  16. W

    Looking for Chrome Extension Installs

    We just released a new Chrome extension and looking for someone who can provide a high number of installs on a daily basis. Installs should come mostly from US, UK and Australia but also interested in some lower tier countries. We have a good budget for this so we could do about 10k installs a...
  17. bbardando

    Andorid Games

    Hello guy, few months ago i work on apk reskining and more... but now i have few problems, i need some BLACK HAT tricks for my job soo if anyone have some couses or link to other theahs for: BH Montetization BH Traffic (Downloads) BH ASO Please drop it in comment... P.S. Maybe i start some...
  18. elias880810

    How to monetize my download website?

    what would be the best ways to monetize a web of legal downloads, I do not have pirated or cracked software. in addition to adsense some other network or some other method to monetize?
  19. bmanfacts

    How do you go about offering downloads to your audience?

    Everyone does this differently. I was wondering if the best practitioners could answer this for me: What's been the most effective way for you to provide your website visitors access to downloadable content on your site? Do you host the download on your website or host it on a 3rd party...
  20. S

    Browser Extension Downloads

    Long time reader and follower - first time posting. I'm new to the PPI space but not new to Marketing (PPV, CPC, CPM, email, incentivized, influencers etc...) Any quality partners I should be working with to get significant downloads? Our extension works on FF, Chrome for US users only...
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