1. J

    Need advice on crowdfunding

    Hello, I have a family member suffering of a really though health problem and I am starting a gof** dme campaign to raise needed funds to deal with this problem. I am currently getting a video done and the next step is promote the crowdfunding campaign but my main concern is how will I be able...
  2. J

    Accepting anonymous donations overseas

    So I am currently in China trying to help with the fight against the dog meat trade. There is one particular town riddled with a history of violence from the dog meat vendors and police corruption that the local activists have almost given up on. Me and a group of international activists are...

    31 Exotic Animals to die in 9 days unless we ACT!

    Hi BHW! Some of you know me some of you dont! Those that do know that I volunteer for a non-profit and have been getting alot of Press lately do to the viral videos I implemented. I found all the News Agencies are quick to pick up our cute viral videos (Bonedigger and Milo... Chimp, Tigers...
  4. blackskullz

    Help needed in reaching the maximum number of people

    Hello friends, On the 30/03/2013, Mauritius witnessed the worst flood ever recorded, which took the lives of 11 innocent people. I am launching an appeal to help the people who were affected by this severe flood. More than 60 families lost their houses and personal belongings. One week after...
  5. W

    Charity organizations and helping others: Which one(s) are you passionate about?

    Hey, everyone! How are YOU this fine and glorious day? I hope you're well and enjoying another day, because waking up is an awesome thing a ton of people weren't able to do today. I have a question for you: When it comes to charities and organizations that run on donations, is there one you...
  6. H

    Donation to BHW Help!

    Hello all:) So YAY i made my 2 stars! 100 posts!. Now for many of you it may seem like " Oh meh " but for me its like " YES! I am slowly moving up in the ranks, so i am super chuffed!" This is a question that goes out to all admins, and i was wondering if you could PM me or get back to me...
  7. selfcommando

    Donate Me $1 To Live a HUMAN life!

    Hi Friends, I am a simple member of BHW community.I am active here from few months back.Possibly you all are in a doubt at the title of this thread.It is natural.I am actually presenting my situation towards my BHW friends. I am from a poor country of third world.I was in Army and after an...
  8. Bostoncab

    Do you support the Black hat political party?

    O.k. there is not such thing as the black hat party yet.. But if there is anyone out there who would like to help out a black hat regular with his political campaign make a donation below. You can even use PAYPAL...
  9. D

    A donate content locking script?

    Hello. I'm wondering if theres a script that locks your content but instead of completing a survey or any other cpa offer it asks you to donate? Perhaps it asks for donation through paypal less than or equal $1, $2 etc.? I feel like the scripts that force people to complete spammy offers...
  10. dexterfly

    how to promote a donation site

    At least four times a year I send money to Brazil to feed hungry people there. My contribution is small and can reach only a few people. I was talking to a friend of mine and he told me that if develop a website it would be a great way to scale that and eventually help more people, even in...
  11. P

    Just wondering about donations.

    I wanted to donate a few bucks to show my support for this awesome board, but I was shocked to see it was not possible to do that, I dont want special rank or any of that, I just wanna do the "throw money in this bucket to help out" thing.. So please help me help you!!:eek:
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