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    Hi Friends,

    I am a simple member of BHW community.I am active here from few months back.Possibly you all are in a doubt at the title of this thread.It is natural.I am actually presenting my situation towards my BHW friends.

    I am from a poor country of third world.I was in Army and after an accident I just had to comeback from there as a wounded patriotic soldier of my state.Then I started my new life with internet as my family was not able to effort me to migrate any first world country to earn a sound money.In my country the average income of an educated person is less than $400 in a month that is just an expenditure of house rent and daily meal here!

    I have learned many things from my BHW friends and still learning.But the barrier on my way is my poorness.I have to support my sick parents as they are not capable to earn at their old age now.I am working as a security officer in a private organization and also as a freelance worker for some of my online friends.Thanks to them all for providing me few works and support.Few days ago I got accepted on some CPA networks with the assistance of few of my BHW friends.Thanks to them all for supporting me.Now this time I can not move advance lack of money that I have depicted above.You all know a minimum investment is required for every business online or offline.How I will get and invest that money where my local earning is less than $400 and I have to support my family?

    In this thread I am actually saying my crucial situation to you all for my mind satisfaction. By writing this thread my mind may be lighter than a heavy pressure and this is my satisfaction since I can not say my hidden pain to anybody as a wounded soldier.In Army I was a soldier to fight in the war and now I am a soldier in the war of my poor life.I also dream to get a solvent future but I don't know my future!?

    At last I have nothing to say without a long breath.I don't know how long I will be able to sustain on my online business.If you know any way,kindly let me here or PM me.I am really tired..........

    Thank you all for your time.Best of luck.