1. K

    How to market a non-profit organisation effectively?

    Hi guys, my name is Djamila, I am the social media account manager from a non profit organisation in Germany. we are collecting donations for the purpose of building prayer places and educational places in north-rhine westphalen. has anyone good tips on how to reach a lot of people to reach our...
  2. M

    Is it legal for an adult site to accept donation ?

    Hello guys, Yes, I know it is difficult to make money with an adult sites already since there are so many of them out there already. BUT, the question is: Is it legal for me to ask for donations on an adult site? Of cause, I will make sure to ask the visitors to make sure they are old enough...
  3. Beyah

    A Donate It Forward System

    The power of leverage is not a new concept. Through out nature you can see leverage in the way nature take one seed grain, and multiply it into hundreds of grains. Imagine the power of people doing the same. You would have a family. That family could grow into a huge family of hundreds. Now...
  4. Stifl

    Jr. VIP finally

    Hey everyone! I'm Stifl and I just bought myself the Jr. VIP rank! So excited to see how this is going to turn out. I'm wondering how long this is going to take to be processed but I could wait those 7 days if it takes longer. Even if it will flop and there might be no actual quality to this...
  5. Facebook_Master

    How to find more donors to my (sincere) GoFindMe campaign

    Hello, Well just to give you part of the picture, I am a middle eastern girl who left to Paris to prepare her PhD and hopefully settle there. Last year, few months after my arrival, I had a serious health crisis so I started a GoFundMe campaign to help me continue my studies while paying for...
  6. AuraMarketing

    One Link to Donation Page

    While creating web2.0s, PBNs, articles or any other backlink property, we mostly link out to some authority sites. Now, if out of those authority sites, if we can include one link to a donation site (the one you know is doing good work or one in your niche maybe - cloth donation, electronic...
  7. Sahil Verma


    Hi all i want to tell you something My name is sahil live in india Was doing a job of sales 4 months before left because of my accident I had operations and spend all money on that Now i dont have money Due to not paying my rent so my landlord throw me out 5 days ago After that im trying to find...
  8. I

    Is there a way to use donation on illegal streaming website beside cryptocurrency ?

    Is there a way to use donation on illegal streaming website beside cryptocurrency ?
  9. I

    Using Donation (Paypal + Patreon) on streaming website

    Will Paypal / Patreon terminate my account if I have a donation button on a streaming illegal website?
  10. deBling

    Need a "Tips me" list sites

    Hello, how do you do. I am looking for website for directly linking to customer asking for tips or donation. Like buy me a coffe or dinner e.t.c. This is not for live streaming, just simple link that i can generate and send easly.
  11. D

    Looking for a merchant account provider for Charity

    Need someone with specific skills. a owner or affiliate of a merchant company who can offer a donation/charity merchant account. I will run the campaign and get donors. we can share a % between us after giving away 50% of the total volume processed to charity. It can be any charity you just have...
  12. iamdeadat2017

    Need Help For a Poor Guy to Survive

    Please Help me to earn some money. as 300 USD monthly..........i don't want to be a millionaire. I cant continue my Study.......Also Family is in bad situation.. can anyone get me some work and let me out of this situation,plz? i will be grateful..... I am really in bad conditions. all the posts...
  13. gucciflipflops

    In a financial emergency situation!! - NEED HELP

    Okay let me first start off by saying, I don't mean to offend anyone or go against any BHW rules or etiquette. I am having a huge financial emergency right now, I have run out of options and decided why not ask some of my fellow BHW members, what do I have to loose besides my dignity. You have...

    31 Exotic Animals to die in 9 days unless we ACT!

    Hi BHW! Some of you know me some of you dont! Those that do know that I volunteer for a non-profit and have been getting alot of Press lately do to the viral videos I implemented. I found all the News Agencies are quick to pick up our cute viral videos (Bonedigger and Milo... Chimp, Tigers...
  15. F

    Blackhat YouTube PayPal method - Could it work, anyone had experience?

    I had an idea for a way to make money with YouTube and I was just wondering if anyone had tried this before or had any tips. If you were to find 10-20 sexual videos of the same girl and uploaded them to YouTube posing as the girl then added a PayPal donation to the YouTube page and asked your...
  16. selfcommando

    Donate Me $1 To Live a HUMAN life!

    Hi Friends, I am a simple member of BHW community.I am active here from few months back.Possibly you all are in a doubt at the title of this thread.It is natural.I am actually presenting my situation towards my BHW friends. I am from a poor country of third world.I was in Army and after an...
  17. D

    A donate content locking script?

    Hello. I'm wondering if theres a script that locks your content but instead of completing a survey or any other cpa offer it asks you to donate? Perhaps it asks for donation through paypal less than or equal $1, $2 etc.? I feel like the scripts that force people to complete spammy offers...
  18. A

    My facebook money making idea!

    I made a blogger site called "Help those in Need". There is a short description about how part of the money raised will go to charities. The site explains how people can help out by completing one a short survey.Then, there is a link on the side which takes them to my ******* survey. Next, I...
  19. B

    Why Wont You Donate?

    Been reading a lot of posts today and realised that there are a lot of people on here that have large post counts, threads on BST and leach off the downloads section BUT, they have not donated to BHW. Im not on a crusade or anything but surely if you are making money from BHW then you should at...
  20. J

    Making money at internet BEGGING... a case in point.

    I'm new here, so be easy on me. Moving on... MY INTERESTS: After having stumbled upon this site a few short days ago, I've learned a lot. At this point, I'm still not sure if I'm going to go he affiliate route or skip it and become a vendor. I'm not really interested in the other stuff yet. To...
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