1. J

    Possibility to donate thread author

    What do you think about the possibility to donate the author of the thread? There would be more motivation to create method/journey threads :) Personally I would donate several threads as they are really useful for me and helped me to earn money.
  2. NicholasVegas

    [Genius idea] Is there a CHARITY Affiliate Network?

    "Total giving to charitable organizations was $373.25 billion in 2015 (2.1% of GDP)" - in the USA (and 71% is from individuals a.k.a. normal people) Charities are a big market in the US. I mean shit, there are over 1.5 million non-profit organizations in the USA. There is no need for me to...
  3. imdgod

    Hey, BH friends! Let's save few lives this Christmas! :)

    Hey, Friends! As you know every year many people die because of the lack of clothes. This Christmas I am organizing a winter clothing drive where people will donate their old clothes to the ones who are in need. To spread the message I need the help of social media influencers who can post...
  4. A

    Need a small donation very fast please!

    Theres this item on Amazon that just went on sale, and I've wanted it for a while now, but I'm only a couple of pennies short :( it seems nearly impossible to find a quick and easy job that will pay just a tad bit before the sale ends. The only thing that I'm asking for is $0.40 before the sale...
  5. C

    Simple donate button for commercial use

    Hey, folks. I'm not sure if I'm in the right section, sorry if I'm not. I was wondering if you know any simple ways to add a donate\support\pledge button without being a legal entity(just an individual) to my website? I know paypal provides buy now and donate btns but as far as I understood you...
  6. R

    My new and unique social networking website

    It has been 5 months since I am developing a very unique social network. Its not at all similar to fb, twitter etc. I have spent thousands of dollars on this project so far and will spend few thousand more. I believe that it has a "cool" factor and people would love to join once they find out...
  7. R

    How to make money

    Does anyone have any easy simple ideas, methods to make money online? p.s. must not require start up money
  8. H

    Am I allowed to post free download links in download with a donation link?

    So I want to make a free program, but also want people to be able to donate, am I allowed to put a donate link in the description (aka my bitcoin address)
  9. I

    Man Helps Relieve Dog's Pain ! (Dog lovers must see this)

    I came across this recent news where a guy is holding his sleeping dog in a lake. I love dogs and this news made me very sad :( Here is the direct quote from "Schoep, a 19 year-old shepherd mix, is experiencing so much pain from arthritis that he can't sleep like a normal dog...
  10. steveseos

    How to donate money to BHW

    I am from India and I am unable to send money with my Paypal account to BHW. I wanted to become a Donor here. Please help me. I don't have my credit card. All Donors from India please help me out.
  11. W

    I know you care..

    Hello everyone, As many of you already know, I've been working in the internet marketing business for almost 5 years. I am now making more than enough, I am enjoying what's called financial freedom. But guys, that's not what life is about - If you don't have a case, if you don't help people...
  12. audhora

    Please Help - No Credit Card - how to donate via Paypal?

    Hi! I have enough paypal balance but when I want to do donate for the forum it always ask me to register a credit card. I can't add a CC so subscription payment is not possible. How can I pay a one time $97 fee for my DONOR status? Can some mod / admin / user help me about this? I would...
  13. Bostoncab

    Do you support the Black hat political party?

    O.k. there is not such thing as the black hat party yet.. But if there is anyone out there who would like to help out a black hat regular with his political campaign make a donation below. You can even use PAYPAL...
  14. H

    How long do I have to wait before I can post any links?

    I received the following note when I tried to post a link: The following errors occurred with your submission: You are NOT allowed to post URLs, email addresses and images, until after you have been a member of BHW for a little longer...
  15. R

    Q>What do i get from being a Donor in BHW ?

    hey guys ive been a member of bhw for a months i was thinking of donating, i wanted to know if is there a special thread for donors? like hidden thread or something like that? or something special blackhat guide tuts and other stuff for donors only that can view and get?
  16. B

    Why Wont You Donate?

    Been reading a lot of posts today and realised that there are a lot of people on here that have large post counts, threads on BST and leach off the downloads section BUT, they have not donated to BHW. Im not on a crusade or anything but surely if you are making money from BHW then you should at...
  17. P

    Just wondering about donations.

    I wanted to donate a few bucks to show my support for this awesome board, but I was shocked to see it was not possible to do that, I dont want special rank or any of that, I just wanna do the "throw money in this bucket to help out" thing.. So please help me help you!!:eek:
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