domain branding

  1. frarg

    ⭐High-Quality Graphic Design⭐ Discounts for BHW members! Logos⚡Animations⚡Banners⚡Branding Starting at 9$

    Contact me! Mail: [email protected] Skype: live:.cid.16efd3fd36f08a5f Other graphic services: Single Banner : 20$ 15$ Animated Banner : 50$ 35$ Logo design : 10$ - 25$ Logo animation : 40$ - 50$ Branding pack design : 49$ - 220$ Print pack design : 49$ - 180$ Web pack design : 75$ - 220$...
  2. tendemo

    How much is this domain worth

    Got all the info I needed Thanks for the advise. Cheers
  3. B

    Choosing domains to rank your page

    Hey guys, I've been doing cpa/ppd for quite awhile now but have been focusing on YT-CPA/PPD(sometimes a blogger LP). I usually get my Youtube videos ranked within a week but everytime I hit first page some of the videos take less than 3 days and they already get deleted. I'm getting tired of...
  4. Z

    My experience using Scrapebox to build thousands of links and where it got me

    Hi all so although im a newbie i have been reading the forum for years. I have a favorite domain name that about two years ago i blasted very heavily with scrapebox over the span of a week. The way i stuctured the blasts was quite broad and as for my anchors i basically tried a method where...
  5. zoomsixx

    20 Predictions for Domain Names, the Internet and More in 2013

    Interesting article I found in my Facebook feed. Not sure I would agree with everything but there is some solid advice there.
  6. A

    12 unused domains, what to do?

    Quick question: So should I just park my 12 unused domains with say Sedo or Trafficz? Or is it worth my time to develop mini sites with an article or two, and have adense? Which one will make more money, not looking to get rich, but just a couple bucks while I focus on other things.
  7. M

    Whats the difference between these two domains

    I am trying to buy a domain for my client. Here is an example of the key word. house renovation boston All variations that make sense are taken house renovation house renovations boston house boston house Two of these have just one page...
  8. michelle2002

    Quality Web hosting

    Hello Mate, Hostingzilla has been recognized by WebHosting Top as a reliable hosting company, which offer top quality hosting service, support and customer's satisfaction. They have lots of experience in web hosting and technology consulting services. MyHosting offers a wide rang of hosting...
  9. Owlpic

    Is this a good keyword to pick or waste of time

    Hi, Please look the stats below for a keyword Google search resullts ----------------------- keyword About 213,000 results "keyword" About 9,890 results allintitle:"keyword" About 3,350 results allinurl:"keyword" About 5,010 results Google keywords tools resullts...
  10. Owlpic

    The BEST Strategy for choosing domain name

    Hi, I want to know the best strategy for choosing domain names. Example: Keyword1: G KW Tools gives 1000+ results Keyword1 = Variation1 + Word1 + Word2 + Word3 + Word4 Word3 = To/From/In/As kind of general words Now first about the TLDs: I am from India. So which one stands good? .in OR...
  11. C

    Free Marketing tools webmasters

    Unlimited domain reseller hosting Complete video producing system Prospecting and Lead generation system Conferencing Web site monitoring software Unlimited auto responder package THE BEST ONLINE MARKETING TOOLS WITH YOUR HOSTING ACCOUNT SO YOU CAN GENERATE HIGHER CONVERSIONS ON SIGN UPS...
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