domain auction profit

  1. B

    Ideas of how to save on registration fees? Is GD domain club worth it?

    Hey everyone!! I am trying to find a way to save on the renewal registrations fees for domains as well as ones I buy at auction. Godaddy tells me the best way is there Domain Discount club at 9.99 a month. I know many of you have 100s of domains and I guess for you that would be a savings! Is...
  2. H

    Where to Sell Adult Domain?

    I have one best adult domain.Can you tell me best free place to sell Immediately
  3. tendemo

    Dropped Domain Appraisal

    Hi I just got lucky and bought a dropped domain. Its an EMD and a Long Tail Keyword with more than 1,000,000 queries per month. However as of now, g$$gle no longer returns any queries for this keyword. How do I get to determine the true value of my domain. Thanks
  4. tendemo

    How much is this domain worth

    Got all the info I needed Thanks for the advise. Cheers
  5. tendemo

    Whats the worth of an EMD nowadays

    Hi there could someone tell me how much a Brand New EMD with a dot net extension and more than 50,000 monthly searches be worth ? Was trying to think of whether to invest in it or not. Thanks
  6. T

    Whats the best way to sell a domain bought at auction?

    If anyone wants to partner up and help me develop the sites, and then sell them for a profit, let me know. I need to get some quick cash and want to sell some of my domains, but need a little help. What is the best way to do a quick flip if I don't want top develop the site? Does anyone know of...
  7. H

    I am being SCAMMED in Domaining

    Hey all... So to quickly update you : I purchased a domain, and about 2 days later I got a reply... It almost seems to good to be true. I offered to sell for 350 pounds, and then this guy comes in saying he is offering 16,000-18,000 USD.. Surely that seems a bit much..? I have attached the...
  8. H

    Domain Selling Help?

    Hey Everyone So i posted yesterday about domains and if there was a good business in domain names... Now I want to know a bit more, because it has tickled my fancy ( as my teacher used to say ) I am interested in buying domain names: Single words eg- apple, puma, google and longer...
  9. zoomsixx

    I was offered 15k for a domain, Need Advice

    As the title says. I was offered 15k for a domain recently. Before the economy nightmare hit I was offered 20k for the domain and I held out for 30k and just decided to keep it. Now I'm really considering selling it. It's a .com for a very nice and marketable name. There are fairly big...
  10. C

    Cricket Live co uk - Domain Appraisal? :)

    Hey, Any one have any ideas what this is worth? Gets about 8k exact matches, and 363k exact matches globally (not that it matters) The domain is over 10 years old. (estibot gave me an blown up appraisal of $20,000) :S Thanks in advanced.
  11. coachw1

    Where to Buy Domain Portfolios?

    Hey all, Anyone know a good place to buy domain portfolios? If such a place exists...which i'm sure it does. lemme know what u think.
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