domain age

  1. GringoMonkey

    Apparently Domain Age Does Not impact on Rankings...

    A recent interview Google Answers If Domain Age Impacts Rankings
  2. S

    can you check these domains if they were good to go

    i recently purchased 2 domains for me these are old domains previosly used for different owner. I didn't have a good tool to check them so can any one help me check these Domains. Thanks in advance.
  3. serpnames

    Bulk Whois/Age Checker? Millions of domains

    Hi, I'm looking for a source where I can get the domain age of millions of domains. I am aware of this service: However, their support is terrible. It's been one month, and they haven't been helpful in setting up a custom plan. Do you know of any...
  4. pepekobasa

    Expired Domains with good/high DR ahrefts

    Hello guys, I am looking for a expired domain that has good DR ahrefs rating under: - Jobrecruitment, career recruitment, HR, niche - Essential oils niche Any price will do but I will check of course which offers has a good price and value. Cheers!
  5. R

    How good a domain name?

    There are many wise people here, so wondering if you would share your opinion about whether this will probably be a good domain name for people selling services and programs to businesses. It's one year owned. Thanks.
  6. farold

    Would buying this domain a good idea?

    Hello, would you buy this domain? I know that moz spamscore isn´t that relevant. It has backlinks on over 3k websites (all in all 600k backlinks), most of them spammy comments in forums/websites, but they rated the percentage of quality backlinks with 100% lol. I would use this domain as a...
  7. razharov

    Your oldest domain performs the best?

    Hey everyone! Been analysing SERPs, about domain ages, and wondered what people on BHW have on this topic. For me my oldest domain is 22 years old, but that isn't in use yet. From the domains is use, weirdly not the oldest ones perform the best, but instead the 5-7 year range is the best...
  8. M

    Explanation of terms: What do DA, TF, DR, RD mean for domains?

    Hey guys, Many sellers here give many values for their domains, but so far I have not found an article explaining what all the abbreviations like DA, TF, DR, RD actually mean. Could someone explain this here?
  9. PHPInjected

    My baby turns 20 today!

    My oldest domain turned 20 years old today. How old is your oldest domain?
  10. Kirsche52

    Are expired domains useful if they are older than 3 months?

    Hi all. I am interested in buying a few expired domains to send links to my money site. I am using expireddomains and other similar webs to look for hidden gems... but after some tedious hours, if I find anything interesting, it has been down for +10 months at best. The problem is that I heard...
  11. cosmo89

    Sold a domain name after a year :)

    Bought this domain from godaddy, its 8 character domain ".com", a year and half ago. No authority or backlinks, but Name is unique. I knew this one worth something and this week a guy offered a deal, and its sold now. Never miss to invest in good domain names, it always get you good deal...
  12. Nody Khan

    Is Domain Extension Good For SEO?

    Hello Folks, Before two months ago, I bought a domain for the ord exact match domain. After then I made many backlinks, web2.0, guest post but still the domain DA PA only 1 and not getting single organic traffic. I really confused about that so, my question is that... Is
  13. T

    Need Advice: Should i go with this Exact Match Domain

    Hey, Everyone, I found a domain name that consists of my target keyword and price. Should I go with this? Here is how it looks = keyword+price.ccTLD this keyword has a good search volume.
  14. RichKIDLK

    Domain Age?? It really matters in SEO?

    Need ideas, I need to find a good old domain 9, 8 years old because I feel like it will give much reputation in search engine eyes. whats your opinion about that? and tell me how do I find a good old domain ( I don't need huge backlink profile) just need good spam free old domain. thank you
  15. R

    Internationalization strategy - when to start website in other language

    Hi BHW, This is my first post on this forum, but I have been following this website for a while now. As a short introduction: two years ago I was introduced to the online marketing world. I have since been very much into the technical side of it, focusing mostly on website building whereas the...
  16. S

    How google calculates domain age?

    Scenario 1: Domain registered for 10 years and when some one buys it expired domains auction this 10 years is passed. Even though whois email and phone number changes it will show as 10 yrs. Will Google consider this age or it will not , since the registrar is changed. Scenario...
  17. E

    Godaddy Aged auctions are new domains?

    Hello, I have a question. Recently I bought a domain from GoDaddy auction which is 23 years old and have DA 33 PA 32. Before bidding I check out the domain on google using this query to make sure if pages of this website are showing or not ( only home page is indexed on...
  18. Mohit66314

    Old Domain Gives more profit

    I have an 18 years old domain (registered back in 2001). I want to know where and how that domain can be utilized to give more profit?
  19. Tanyamagic

    What do you think this domain worth?

    I got a domain "" and would like to know what it s worth? Domain is expired one (7 years old) Tech niche Any ideas how i should utilize it! Thanks
  20. swik

    I need your advice with sport team domain

    I just bought the domain Montrealcanadians .net With the Wayback machine I can go back to 1999 and everything look ok. I do not have any tool for the backlink.. What should I do with this domain to make some money ? Thank you .
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