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  1. 2

    Owner of a 17 year old unused domaine name see's I've asked to purchase it and has increased the price to $9K! How can I get it in alternative means?

    Hi Guys, Theres a domain name that I wanted to purchase for my biz and I discovered it was used with no website but still in the hands of original owner, dormant. I reached out to that person by guessing emails like [email protected] and [email protected] ect. I got a vague response from then...
  2. U

    How can I find and buy expired government org domains?

    I have been lately trying to look for a advanced SEO strategy, I've come across one but it requires old expired domains with high authority and good amount of backlinks. and I am not able to find good ones, However, I have come across to a domain as well but it's not government but has high...
  3. B17zr

    What is the best options when you choose a domain name for your business?

    Hi there, i want suggestions from you guys! I'm planning to go on a journey where I will be creating a Sub-niche site in the health niche, so all the articles will be mainly focused on this sub-niche, and want to ask what it best options are when you choose a domain for your business. would...
  4. domainbuddy_in

    Hello from Sarfraz

    Hey there, I am Sarfraz - a domain name consultant. Nice to e-meet you!
  5. A

    What You Think About This Domain

    - Today I have come across this expired Domain, I am not sure yet if I want to buy it. So I need your help to decide if It is a good domain? Ahrefs Overview: Referring domains: DA ; PA ; TF ; CF : Domain Age : - What are Your Recommendations, I seem to good to be true?
  6. chippox

    Need domain ideas about magazine blog

    Hello everybody i am thinking nowadays i will create a new website about magazine(mostly celebrities).I will follow livingly all magazine news and try to spin articles.I think i found a theme LINK : .But i cant find a domain name which i thought already...
  7. mrseagull

    would this domain work in this niche?

    Hi all new here, I would love your opinions on a domain I have my eye on. Its for sale with offers from $500: Metrics: ahrefs DR: 50+ Backlinkls: 5,000+ (referring domains 250/92% ********) 1) It's a .com domain content in foreign language, let's say Korean and all the backlinks are from...
  8. Blogsmith

    ******** Vs Nofollow: How to use these to evaluate expired domains

    I use Moz and Ahref to evaluate expired domains and then arrive at buying them. However, more often than seldom, I do get confused if a domain would be worth buying. Links report would mention very good domains with high DA and DR links BUT when I go and scrutinise the links if they are do...
  9. SubhamMittal

    Domain name change from .blogspot to custom domain

    My blog is hosted on blogger i.e . Currently it is 6 years old . Moz domain authority of 34. Over 100,000 sessions per month. I will buy a new custom domain which is . I have few questions please answer as it would be really helpful. Q1 Will I lose...
  10. Yee

    [Question] Difference between country TLD and subdomain on org and net

    Let’s assume a domain and it.mydomain.[net | org] which one would be better in terms to rank local/global and why ?
  11. KJREDDY247@

    Any free listing services to sell domains?

    I have bought some good domains( at least I feel they are good because I bought them ;)) Is there any platforms available to list them and sell them for free.
  12. A

    How to get adsense approval with wordpress without domain?

    Hi everyone How can I get adsense approval with wordpress without domain like blogger ? Thank you
  13. ss1180

    Domain Name Suggestion For Blog

    Hello Everyone. I want to make a website for blogging and i am looking for a very short name under 10 char. (No More Char over 10). I need a unique and a brand name type domain as i will advertisement my website too. I will do YouTube Marketing too. So please suggest me a good domain name which...
  14. AppleBanana

    [.se] Domain Name Gets Deactivated

    Hi BHW, My .se domain got deactivated today. Here's the domain status from WHOIS: status: serverRenewProhibited status: serverHold status: pendingDelete Anyone encounter this kind of issue before? Does anyone have suggestions on this kind of issue? My domain is just one month old, and I have...
  15. M

    Is it really worth to buy and sell domain in 2018 ?!!!!

    I don't think I'm the only one who's wondering about this , I started a year ago and I haven't made any sales yet and I'm not anxious about that . What made me lose interest is the toxicity of the community , almost everyone asks for money to offer their help , others utilize your naivety for...
  16. M

    Thoughts On and

    hi guys , what are your thoughts on the names in the description ?
  17. JB2302

    Should i Renew my unused domain

    I owe a domain ** and is going to expire in days when i bought it, I had plans for it. But is lying aside doing nothing, or i can just throw it and forgot it. should I renew it ?? I might be posting in the wrong section, please move to right one.
  18. draining12

    What to do with a brand new domain?

    I have a main site and a new (.design) domain which I got for free. Is there anything productive I can use the fresh domain for, given that the name is in the same niche as my main site. Thanks
  19. Kerneloshka

    Question Related to Domain Extensions

    Hi Guys! I have a question and I hope you guys can help me out to find the best solution, this is the case: I have a business in Mexico that gives service to people in the US and Canada, all the customers are there. My extension is let's say: and i have it for the last 6...
  20. lionsteel

    Domain penalized , i want to sell , should i tell the buyers

    hi everybody i have a good domain name , i want to sell in the market but this domain got penalized from google and that's because i plagiarized an article from another website (i was newbie , want to try somthing) and after a while i got a manual action message . now i want to sell JUST THE...