1. Yasser111

    Unusual Proxy Issue: IP from the US, DNS from My Country - Seeking Help!

    I'm currently facing a highly peculiar issue. I recently purchased a proxy from 360proxy.com. However, when I attempt to configure a US proxy on Firefox Portable and check my DNS using WHoer.net, an unexpected situation arises. It shows that the IP address is indeed from the US, but the DNS is...
  2. tazarbm

    I'm confused about hosting servers and IPs

    Hey peeps! I'm struggling understanding something, and I wondered if you could help me figure it out... More specifically, I have a hosting plan with some hosting company (which I shall not name, so please don't ask, especially since it's not relevant to my question), and when I purchased that...
  3. BoobsLover

    Can someone recommend best Cloudflare alternatives to hide my origin server IP?

    Hi, I'm currently hosting my web app on AWS EC2, I kinda have copyrighted content there. I received DMCA complaints twice and I believe AWS has eyes on me for next couple of complaints before they suspend my account for good. I host my web app on AWS, because it is powered by many of their...
  4. Help Desk

    I would like to change DNS of my portable firefox

    I bought shock5 proxies from dichvusocks.us but after adding the proxy to portable firefox my DNS was same so I bought a got a virtual machine from vultr.com and installed portable firefox in that but the results are same even that firefox is showing DNS or my personal computer. Can anyone help...
  5. T

    Whois, DNS records and email verification

    Hello there! Are there people here that use paid services for bulk checking of domain whois records and email verification? I want to ask do you face any problems and want to get something new? I am currently building a mass verification service but just wanted to hear what services the others...
  6. HankaRobotics

    TOR + Anti bot detection / Fingerprint Management

    [ First, let's get something straight, 100% airgap anonymity isn't achievable. If the attacker is funded and motivated enough, he'll get ya. If you found this thread trying to commit anything wildly illegal, you'll get caught eventually. ] Hi guys, I've launched myself into this project ...
  7. A

    How a client can change hosting to mine?

    1. For example I found website and i want its website to be on my server. I have to enter DNS address to my server, and client has to remove DNS from another server and it will work? 2. Are there any other methods?
  8. noellarkin

    Remove DNS SOA History (historical data of old nameservers used)

    The first PBN site I worked on, unfortunately I wasn't very careful about how I went about it. It's fine now, but there are some sites on the web which still have the old DNS SOA records for it (ie past nameservers). How can I get rid of this historical data, if at all?
  9. ATuringtest

    Namecheap Premium DNS is it worth it - if your hosting on your own servers ?

    Is this a scam or will it really help with load speeds and security if I have the domain Name registered at Name Cheap but I have my website hosted on DO ? Or is there an alternative ?
  10. Meerakat

    Tired of waiting for your domain name to resolve? Here is what you can do. (WINDOWS)

    We'll keep this short and simple. Let's say your domain is example.xyz and it points to the following IP address: and you've moved to a new hosting & that new hosting's IP is You probably want to see if your domain works in your new hosting but your DNS has not propagated yet...
  11. TimDawsone

    How to fix unmatched dns issue when use IP ?

    Hello fellas , Anyone know how to fix DNS issue without VPN. I am struggling to create my fan pages as i am unable to fix this. Used to use VPN but i think there is a solution . Anyone ?
  12. Rollfic

    Google, FB on tracking

    Hi, big sites like google, fb can detect if we are using VPN or not, right? Does by changing DNS and mac address solves this issue and completely spoof real IP, dns and location? Please dont say not to use. That is not the solution lol
  13. Xandr24

    Domain settings and dnssec

    Hello. Please tell me about the domain settings. 1 question - I want to make it so that neither the domain registrar nor the hoster nor any other suggestive information is visible, how and what needs to be done for all this? 2 question - I do not understand why you need dnssek. When competitors...
  14. Adivertising

    DNS - over - HTTPS

    What do you think the effects will be on IM from this development? Article: https://www.zdnet.com/article/dns-over-https-will-eventually-roll-out-in-all-major-browsers-despite-isp-opposition/
  15. T

    While using USA proxies, DNS shows up in Netherlands, is this normal or bad?

    I am using American private proxies bought from Instantproxies, (found them here on BHW) and checking on multiple sites the DNS servers show up in Netherlands. My goal here is to hide my footprint from Google. When I contacted their tech support they said, they use Google's DNS and there's...
  16. N

    Need help with DNS

    Hi all, I’m too annoyed about getting blocks while trying to watch videos on my tablet, especially on youtube when I’m travelling. Recently I was looking for a simple option which could bypass it, and it seems like one of the legit VPN providers Surfshark released an app which is called Trust...
  17. kurosaki4d

    How can i point my external domain name to a website

    Hello, I bought a server from online.net and i have a wordpress site hosted on it inside a specific a folder. However, I want to add a second website now, so i created a second folder, however I have my domain name on Gandi and I would like to know what are the proper DNS settings that i...
  18. seo3897

    IP and DNS change

    Hi guys, I need to change IP address and DNS for a good ranking ecommerce. Could this cause any drop in ranking? Do you have any advice to avoid it? Thanks in advance!
  19. _Venom_

    2 Domains at Same Hosting

    Hi all guys, you can use a second domain on a hosting in which I registered another domain. Hosting does not allow me to add other domains My question is: is there a solution to this, for example through Record CNAME?
  20. B

    Hot do I add my domain name to my chaturbate whitelabel

    First things first, I know this sounds really easy and yes chaturbate gives instructions, which i'm trying to follow but they simply aren't working.When i search online its asif chaturbate gave me a complete different set of instructions to follow. Im going to try and explain this the best i can...
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