1. mikelala

    Blanking Referrer and Conversion Rates

    Hi Everyone, What are peoples opinion on whether or not to blank your referrer to hide your Landing page? Do you find you get higher conversion rates if you allow the network/vender to see your landing page? I'm getting lots of checkout views on both ClickBank and Software Projects but no one...
  2. Asgardian

    Double Meta Refresh - Blanking ref, need some help!

    So, I've been researching about DMR some time and found out that this works only on firefox and IE, is there any other way to blank your referrer that works on all browsers? Thanks
  3. popzzz

    [METHOD] Simple Fake Referrer

    Following the KISS principle this is a very simple DMR with a fake the referrer that will never leak the original referrer for anyone that needs it. From the attachment follow these instructions: 1. Edit page1.php and change the http://my.domain/page2.php to the correct URL for your server. 2...
  4. V

    Double Meta Refresh Method

    can some elaborate the double meta refresh method in detail. i am a noob so it's difficult for me to grab the concept. It would e really helpful if i could get a detailed step by step guide that elaborates the various steps involved in DMR. I am not sure whether this question has been asked...
  5. kharm

    why doesn't Junk traffic show up under CPA company stats?

    I'm IFRAMING an email submit CPA offer - and incentivizing to get conversions, but DoubleMetaRefresh so the CPA company won't see where the traffic comes from. My goal is $15-$20/day to stay per account to under the radar, and I've been doing this.. but the problem is when I send Junk Traffic...
  6. C

    Faking the Referrer - The Soulution

    I know, I know... There are a lot of posts and threads about how to fake the referrer. But hopefully this will help a lot of people. I wasn't really going to make a thread about it at first so I stuffed all the info in a .rar file. What it does: Fakes the referrer... Obviously. But it's also...
  7. ChanzGrande

    DMR Inside Iframe IE Workaround

    I noticed a lot of people sharing a similar challenge I've experienced when using GodCPA/Cakeslice to crop an offer. Specifically, the best way to blank your referrer is to actually open a DMR to your offer INSIDE the IFRAME spit out by cakeslice/GodCPA. Unfortunately, if you do this the page...
  8. ChanzGrande

    DMR inside Iframe just loops in IE7 - help.

    Hello all, I am using a DMR inside an Iframe, and it appears to work pretty well overall, but not in IE7. Ex. My landing page has a cropped email sub, but the crop is actually off the DMR instead of the networks page. I did it this way because my referrers were leaking with cakeslice...
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