1. Johnik

    Disqus comments being flagged as spam or pending

    I've been successfully running a commenting bot on disqus, making thousands of comments every day for over 2 months. I think disqus had some updates recently, as I can't post a single comment without being flagged as spam. I replaced my accounts with new fresh ones, changed proxies, still can't...
  2. Johnik

    How to post a comment on Disqus using API

    Hi guys. Does anyone actually know how to post a comment on Disqus using API? I want to build a commenting bot, but I couldn't find any info about using bots on Disqus.
  3. Johnik

    [HAF] Disqus comments for new tokens on BscScan

    I am looking for someone who can deliver Disqus comments on newly created tokens on BscScan.
  4. Rachmaninoff

    Tricks to Get Do-follow Links on Disqus DR92

    Everyone knows Disqus generates nofollow links. And if you don't know how to get the do-follow links yet, here is how: 1. Skip this step if you already have Disqus installed on your site. Go to Disqus.com and create a new site, then follow the instructions on how to install it on your site...
  5. S

    [METHOD] How to get additional traffic using Disqus for free

    Hey, I want to share with you a method I started to use few months ago, and I'm still using it. It allows you to create backlinks on those websites, which use disqus commenting module. Although these links doesn't affect SERP directly (since they are no-follow) – but they could drive plenty...
  6. M

    WorldStarHipHop (WSHH) BOT

    anyone has a worldstarhiphiphop bot? it works with the Disqus plateform
  7. wawekakaiko

    Looking for (aged) DISQUS accounts

    Hi there, I'm looking for someone who can sell me old/aged Disqus accounts (or knows where to buy them). No bot or votes or anything, just the accounts. Please reply or send a pm.

    Free Disqus Upvotes - 20 upvotes Till Midnight Eastern time

    I'm giving away 20 Disqus upvotes for anybody for the next hour. Just PM me your Disqus account. My bot upvotes a max of 4 comments so specify how many comments you want upvoted.
  9. E

    Stay away from Disqus

    I know that this may be well known by experienced webmasters, so this should be useful for people that just recently started a blog and want to make money with affiliate programs. To get to the point, DON'T USE DISQUS! I know that it may be tempting for a new website to have a easy way to allow...
  10. DanTe_0101

    How to comment on disqus blogs/sites via scrapebox??

    Hi, I have a few 100 list of urls and want to comment on them, these blogs use disqus commenting plugin so I want to ask if its possible to comment via scrapebox? or no? If anyone has successfully tried this then pls let me know!! Thanks a lot :)
  11. Shekhar Kumar

    Can Disqus and CommentLuv help

    Dear members, I have heard that commenting on blogs which are empowered with Disqus and CommentLuv system may give link juice. Is it true? Is there a link juice if I make a commentluv or Disqus profile and comment on sites with useful and relevant stuff? I am new to seo, can you please help me...
  12. n0de32

    Disqus Comment Bot

    Are there any working Disqus comment bot which can post to targeted blogs and upvotes or just comment to a list of imported URLs? I googled, but didn't able to find a working one. Do you guys know any?
  13. W

    Disqus vote bot and other automations

    I have a disqus up/down voting bot and I can create other bots for a reasonable price, pm me with your email or skype and I'll add/email you.
  14. xlcrash

    Facebook or Disqus Comments???

    Hi guys, as the title says... What comment system would you pick for your authority website??? Thank you
  15. imerxwebtech

    50 instant approval health & weight loss related disqus comment links

    All the links are instant approval links.
  16. N

    Need suggestion for website Host

    I Have WP site.. It's contain crac*ed apps,pa*d software,m*vies (pir*ted content) providing(linking) this files via file sharing hosting websites like medi**ire,up*it,ju*bo,uplo**baz etc my domain registered in "God*ddy" with privet detail hidden in whois WHICH HOST BEST FOR THIS TYPE OF...
  17. V

    Comment on disqus work or not? Any tool to spam comment on this system?

    Hi guys, need your feedback. Pls help~!
  18. D

    Niche disqus blog comments worth in seo?

    Hi everyone, Nowadays most of the blogs using disqus for accepting comments. Is it worth in seo, commenting niche blogs with disqus platfrom? Thank you.
  19. Z

    Anyone still commenting via Disqus?

    Anyone still use Disqus to get traffic? Or have they really clamped down, and it's become too moderated? Also, how do you deal with the spam protection? I hear they strip your url, plus ban your domain for good. How do you deal with this?
  20. K

    Badly done SEO how to revert

    Hi guys I'm new to this forum. Chanced upon it while searching for seo techniques! I'm doing SEO for a firm atm, I get it from page 10 to 2 for 2 selected niche phrases with high impressions and search volume for natural listing. I post a backlink on a disqus comment I believe for a website but...