directory submissions

  1. Dexter Kohli

    Directory Submissions (Off - Page SEO)

    How would it affect the SEO if I give backlinks to separate pages of the website through directory submissions? For instance, submitting on the keyword Cheap Flights. and on the keyword Luxury Flights. I have read it before that...
  2. pulkitseo

    Can any one help me on https server problem ?

    I have a site at secure server i.e https .I tried submitting it in directory sites bu sadly most of the sites are not accepting the submission because of https.I tried submitting it with ww_ dot site dot com but still its not working can anyone suggest some solution ? Thanks and Regards, Pulkit...
  3. IamKing

    [HQ Long Term SEO Service] Max.Link Diversity Top Rankings Great Reviews Starts @ $9

    Special Keyword Campaigner & My Link Ladder Packages "Get Better Rankings to Your keywords with our special packages...." Natural way of link building: It is always recommended to get links from different sources to make our link building campaigns natural and also getting links for...
  4. S

    How important are Directory submissions in SEO nowdays ?

    Directory submissions are used extensively by SEO companies worldwide ( specially in india ) . How important these are after google Panda's, penguin's latest updates Please let me know Regards Aditya
  5. IamKing

    Special 1200 Manual Directory Submission Pack!Top Quality Long Term Service!!

    Top Quality Long Term Manual Directory Submission Service! Powerful One-way Link Building: Directory submission is one of the best way to get one-way links to your website which helps to rank high in the different search engines. Attention: Don't go for low priced submission...
  6. R

    Advice: Directory & sbm submission tool that i can add my own lists into. Thanks

    Hi guys, I am looking for a submitter that will allow me to submit to directories and social bookmarking sites from my own lists. If anyone has any ideas i'd appreciate it. Thanks
  7. software248

    Massive Directory Blast=??

    So what will directory sites do to your website if you blast it all at one? I am talking about 1000+ sites! I know they will probably be indexed during different times but seriously, this seems so suspicious to google in my eyes. Let me know your thoughts... Thanks BHWers
  8. OiOiOi

    Automated submission to over 165 local directories

    I can't link yet, but there is a service called local lasso that claims to submit client's local businesses to 165 different directories. It costs 137 dollars and seems like a great investment for local SEO. Let me know what you think and/or if you have any experiences with this or similar...
  9. C

    3 Questions about Directory submissions

    1) Are they worth the time and effort? 2) If so do most of you use the reciprocal link, or just send your link 3) Do you have any success with sending deep links opposed to the home page Thanks i have learned so much here
  10. sunseven

    Tool To Detect When Directory Submissions Are Accepted?

    Is there a tool that you can input a list of directories and your submission details and see if your submission was accepted and posted live? Would be great if you gave you a list of all the live urls.
  11. beacon07

    1100 Manual Directory Submissions - PR8-PR1 - 1000 Mail Confirmation Guarantee

    Sample Email confirmation Screenshots: Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 Screenshot 3
  12. P

    ebizOptimize Directory Submissions Service

    ebizOptimize Directory Submissions Service Manual Directory Submission is one of the internet marketing tools used for the promotions of websites. It is a simple and straight-forward activity which can be done by any website owner. For Manual Directory Submission one has to dedicate...
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