Can any one help me on https server problem ?


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Apr 25, 2013
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I have a site at secure server i.e https .I tried submitting it in directory sites bu sadly most of the sites are not accepting the submission because of https.I tried submitting it with ww_ dot site dot com but still its not working can anyone suggest some solution ?

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Pulkit Thakur
I have had this problem, most of my sites are https. I have had some success with emailing the site owner. Although most of the time I just give up and don't bother with those sites. Submitting as http:// with a redirect never seems to work.
Well I suggest my clients to do is only have https forced in the important sections such as payment / login etc (that is not possible in many situations however).. Or may be have a landing page for the directories that doesn't have https? That should be better than not being able to post to directories atall.
Heartly thanks to each one of you
but guys nothing is working...i have tried from every tactic...from submitting it with www or http. do you guys have any directory site list that accepts https
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I think it is very simple, you have not needed to submit it with https......Just set your htaccess to redirect all http to https and then submite the site with http: // wwww dot example dot com. And it should be submitted.
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