1. MrWhite2018

    Ability to prevent bell notifications when quoted in sales threads (your review etc) after unwatching them

    Sellers quote your reviews which can get pretty annoying over time, it would be handy if you could automatically turn bell notifications off after unwatching the thread. Thanks
  2. osdiablo

    Need help finding a wordpress theme

    I'm looking to purchase a wordpress theme having functionality of hotel booking as well as travel tour booking. I've looked in themeforest but couldnt find a suitable one. Can someone know of or help me find a wordpress theme having features as: - travel tour package booking and hotel booking -...
  3. speedie

    BHW Wallet: stash some funds for paid membership and BST renewal only

    Hey BHW, This just crossed my mind again. I have been thinking about it for some time now. It would be useful if BHW could allow JR VIPs, Premium members or any paid member or any member for that matter, to store funds [maybe a minimum of $30 useful enough for a BST payment and maximum of $1000...
  4. Twistler

    Allow OP to Reply on WTB Posts Without Account Upgrade

    In the "Want To Buy" section, allow the OP to reply to their thread even if they don't have the Premium or Jr. VIP upgrade. This can be useful if the thread gets lost and needs a bump, or for the OP to let others know that they are still looking for offers. I know Premium and Jr. VIP needs...
  5. afyie

    How do you recommend to rank a New Pharma Niche or any competitive Niche website

    Hey everyone, I wanted to know from some experts how they managed to rank a new website on easier keywords in a competitive niche. from my end i made sure website was good in terms of on page SEO technical seo pushed relevant HQ blogs frequently (off page seo from this forum) PBNs (2000 links...
  6. Luced

    What should be my next project?

    All my projects are completed for 2022. I am free for the next 5-6 months. Therefore, thinking of starting a new project. But I'm confused between the two. 1. Start a niche affiliate website - Choose a micro niche, write articles about it, and link with amazon. 2. Sell an online course -...
  7. Bloodseeker

    There should be a "too afraid to ask" or a similar forum

    Hi, Sometimes I want to ask mods something, but I don't because I feel like it could get me banned. Not due to the context of the questions but due to misunderstanding or maybe wrong choice of words. Sometimes it's due to the language barrier as well because English is not my first language...
  8. xerx

    [SUGGESTION] - Chatroom

    Hello, I have a suggestion, we have a pretty strong community, I'm suggesting that you add a place, a simple chatroom where we can interact and talk, yes we have pms but let's say make a chatrom where people can chat after 15 messages. If that's too much work let's make a Discord, takes max an...
  9. hannahcollins

    Instagram Follower Increase

    I have a business and a professional profile on Instagram. I posted here daily with the hashtag and images, but my follower didn't increase as well. What should I do? How can I increase my Instagram follower? I don't want fake followers, I need genuine followers for my business. So that the...
  10. rajib000

    #help. I have 150K Shopify list, now what to do?

    I have 150K Shopify list, now what to do? Can anyone help me and give me suggestions. 1. I want to send aff. Offers in email. But don't have any SMTP. I have few software but no use of it. 2. Another why to make money with this?
  11. P

    Hone digital Marketing Skills

    Hi everyone, Lately I have been learning about digital marketing and I want to be better and hone my skills in this field. What are some tips and tricks that you may share with me to make this more comprehensive to me. Thanks.
  12. J

    How to create a automatic content uploading site on blogger

    Details: I have a site on blogger and there is another website on WordPress and there is a table in that site which they update every hour and it is the result of something special to me and I want that data to be on my website live as he changes anything in that table it should be automatically...
  13. Gamezilla

    Want to start: YouTube Channel

    Hello BHW. I hope i posted this in the right section, If not I am sorry. For a few months i wanted to start a YouTube channel but never has the time or courage to do so. As I start to have some free time I want to fill it with something I like. The 2 main features that I love doing are...
  14. P

    Can't Rank Homepage for primary keyword. (Seemed Easy but taking efforts) Need Help.

    Hey Everyone. My problem just seems easy, even I am confused what is happening to my website. I started working for a domain a year back for which i did a lot of work and managed to get good page authority and domain authority anyhow. The content that i published on the homepage was 100%...
  15. The Vice

    Crypto or Gold Bar???

    I have $73000 in saving what should i do with this. Do i invest in Crypto or Gold bars?? i was Planning to invest in Gold because it has Confirmed interest of rate but if we talk. About crypto then it would be $73K to $1Million and On the Other hand $73K to $0 too. Because crypto is Dead ass...
  16. rankerguru

    How to write a lengthy blog easily?

    Hey friends! I need your help. If I find a good lengthy article of my niche in some other language, translate it using Google and then post it on my blog, will it be considered as plagiarized content? TIA
  17. Getwhatchuwant

    Going to Case Study two services on 4 of my posts.Two new, two old. Suggestions?

    Background: I have a website I created in January 2018. I slapped some content on it and bought some press releases and did some links back to my site by registering for a handful of sites ad creating some content. I bought one service (Jack Sparrow) which did give me some movement but 3 years...
  18. D

    Best Copywriting course?

    Hello, since there are many trashtalkers and bullshiters on the World Wide Web, I would like to know straight to the point which course on copywriting has helped you out there more. I have been interest on Copyblogger for the past few months, but I would like to know what you guys think is the...
  19. gap

    [Suggestion] Finding Threads From Members Faster

    Hello, as this forum is more for people that have an ambition to make it in the online space finding helpful threads is a key part here. Since BHW 2.0 came it has become harder to find all threads from a specific member. If I want to find those threads normally you go to the search, however this...
  20. harold bump

    We need an API for Jr Vips so we can scrape our own threads for sales/giveaways

    So I had this idea to be able to say, provide a giveaway of followers/comments/ect but I wouldn't want to manually process it and provide delays to the users. Cloudfare uses HCapture and it's very annoying to bypass, alongside the fact that scraping may be against BHW TOS. It would be a...
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