direct messages

  1. ACRNM

    Instagram Mass DM | Telegram Mass DM Provider - JUSTBULKDMS.COM

    SUPPORT Telegram: Email: [email protected] JUSTBULKDMS.COM
  2. Richard Batsbak

    ★ | PRICES AS LOW AS $1.1 / k | | Insta Mass DM Panel | 20M DMs BUNDLES AVAILABLE

    CONTACT: OFFICIAL TELEGRAM Instagram Mass DM Panel DMLAUNCH.COM Efficient, affordable, and dedicated support. Deal with professionals. Service with the Made-In-Germany stamp, for whatever that's worth. :) ORDER ANYWHERE FROM 300k to 20M+ DMs Prices as low as $1.1 PER K DM's...
  3. jacvzla

    What would you do with a team of 90 people almost Free? This is my case

    Hello everyone, I have been learning a lot from several marketers here for quite some time now. Love this forum. Straight to the point: I have a team of people in Venezuela (95 total) to whom I outsource several social media marketing gigs such as liking , commenting, Sharing, engaging in...
  4. A

    DM Blocks Instagram / Direct Message Blocks Instagram

    Hi, Since last week I have noticed that DM dont work in Jarvee. You only can send 1-2 messages every day without blocks. (@Stiletto ) Anyone have a solution for this? I have 7 licenses x 250 accs only for send messages. I have read that old bots are working for DM. Anyone know a solution? Thanks
  5. M

    Safe limits for bulk tweeting the same text?

    Hello, I am trying to contact everyone on Twitter how has tweeted a certain keyword. I have scraped their information and drafted tweets to tweet @ them in bulk. But before I even got to the automated part used, Twitter flagged me! I was manually tweeting @ the accounts, maybe...
  6. D

    IG Automation Pros Only (the best)

    Dear Pros, Few questions to get some answers from some pros: 1) Does anyone know a service that aggregates DMs/comments where you can reply for multiple accounts (up to 150) in one place? The idea here is obviously, if I have 150 accounts, how can I aggregate the engagement in one place and...
  7. Z

    Mass Twitter DM Extractor

    Is there a bot or script to extract DM from multiple accounts and place them in a text file?
  8. G

    Twitter Mass Direct Messages?

    I am in Twitter for 2 years now, never doing any blackhat-action. I know the tool very good, as I use it several hours a day. I know the people, I know the behaviour. However I have some brainstorm-ideas I'd like to share with you. In the forum I read a lot threads about people spamming twitter...
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