1. dadyyanki

    Question to all gym bros (not IM related)

    Hello all, hope you are doing good ad are healthy. You all might have ever been to gym. May be You guyz exercise regularly, and know about diet and workout plans. Little bit about me. I am a skinny guy. Arthritis patient. I cant do heavy workouts. I joined gym 2 months ago(April-may) Weight-...
  2. Ricardo R

    So I have written enough number of articles related to a micro niche blog about a less popular diet. How should I go about now?

    It is ranking decent on Bing but I am having issues with Google. What is your advice for me? TBH I don't have the budget for buying guest posts. Any help will be appreciated.
  3. wallofiron

    BRAND New - Groundbreaking - ClickBank Weight Loss Offer To Make You Money In 2019!!

    Get Ready To $$ CRUSH $$ !! Start your testing now to go full force in January 2019 when everyone runs to start their New Years resolutions and diets! We just put up on ClickBank just days ago... A brand new Diet/Weight Loss offer by a REAL fitness model, figure competitor and certified...
  4. alexel

    Targeting "Teatox" Customers On FaceBook

    Rolling out a teatox offer, tapping into fb business has been a journey. Mostly been running on native and adult, fb's targeting features has been overwhelming. So I haven't quite narrowed down the audience, so the presell page that I've been so fortunate enough to run with the last week has...
  5. VolcanoMan

    Super low conversion rate.

    I have very low conversion rates running diet ads on FB. I use the best lander that i know everyone uses and ive tested every age/demo. Ive ran 3000 index clicks all from facebook newsfeed and reved like 4k in the past month or 2, its a total joke. $1.30 EPCs :( Maybe my hosting is bricking...
  6. H

    New/Experienced Member doing FB Nutra/Diet

    Hey BHW community! Hector here, have to say didn't know about this forum until a friend referred me to it. Hope I can find lots of interesting things and new business opportunities. I've been running FB Nutra for the last two years mainly in US, I get the accounts from real people by a referral...
  7. TerraLeads

    TerraLeads | Exclusive offers | Top Payouts | Cash-on-Delivery

  8. M

    Product trend of 2018?

    anyone, may discuss what about the product trends of 2018
  9. M

    Anyone who has a good product: skin, nutra, diet, weight loss ... can sell in Asian market

    Thank you so much :) Mod Edit; Details removed.
  10. hypefrenzy

    monetizing social quiz ppc traffic

    hello all i've been testing a garcinia cps offer with mobile traffic from a native ad platform using a mobile optimized video lander that leads to a mobile optimized, multi-step flow offer page while running my initial ron campaign to sniff out engagement i discovered one of my ads is...
  11. B

    niche for my blog

    I'm thinking of the diet niche for my blog. Has anyone tried to create a blog in this niche and have been successful? (300+ $/mo.) I'm afraid that this is a over saturated niche and will be flooded out by competition thoughts?
  12. Ryabinchik

    #1 Cheap Weight Loss/Diet/Yoga/Fitness PBN posts! Great Results for less! Low OBL! (Approved) (Approved)

    Contacts: [email protected] Skype seobacklinksbiz
  13. coolsheet

    Something to contribute :)

    Well since joining BlackHat World almost a year ago I've thought of ways that I could contribute to the forum, but almost all of the great ideas I have used, are some where already in the forum. So I figured I could contribute a little information that will increase your brain activity and help...
  14. H

    Questions about running Muscle and Male enhancement and cannibalizing my click costs

    So I have a ton of muscle and male enhancement products and they're all being run by affiliates at the moment. So if my demo is the same for muscle and male enhancement, aren't my offers essentially competing with themselves. Plus with the cost of clicks on FB in some of these stronger...
  15. I

    Need help with SEO

    I am looking for help with SEO. Multi million dollar business in trouble. Weight loss products sites. Reply to my skype: kyrghizskype
  16. S


    Hey guys.. We are currently looking for an exclusive affiliate to work with on our diet pill product. Will work with you exclusively if you provide enough traffic. Will pay high commissions.. Please contact us immediately. Need to make this decision soon. PM me for details..
  17. B

    At my wits end - popular site, impossible to monetize

  18. H

    [WTB] Facebook Account with 500+ Friends interested in Diet Niche

    Hi , As the title says :-) Facebook Account with 500+ Friends interested in Diet Niche
  19. D

    My Healthy Fitness

    My husband and I have developed a website for people who want to loose weight and get fit. It includes programs for body building, power lifting, yoga, nutritional supplements, exercise equiptment. We also include a blog and information on recipes to use for different workout routines. If you're...
  20. L

    Cut Fat Easy- Graphic Landing Page - Hungry Niche – JV Competition ***Cash Prizes***

    Cut Fat Easy is Now Live in Clickbank?s Marketplace! Earn Over $33 per sale! (75% Commission) Greetings BHW Members, Let us proudly present our newest product in the weight loss niche-Cut Fat Easy- an innovative weight loss solution. Great conversion rates! Excellent sales page...
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