1. OlafRustle

    How does a single page on a website get deindexed like this?

    This has happend to only one single page on this website and it has no errors or penalties. How does this happen and how does one recover from it?
  2. Nody Khan

    Deindex Website From Bing

    Hello, My website was getting too much traffic from bing and also my main keyword ranked on 2nd position. My website ranked in 2nd position with the main keyword from the last 4 months but before somedays suddenly all my website index page removed from bing. If I search on bing like...
  3. C

    Google Deindexing

    Hello. While setting up rank math SEO I accidentally index my website with google search console. Is it possible to deindex, without negative SEO? Or would it be beneficial if I kept it index and posted hell lot of content? Making google see improved my site(which will take some time to post...
  4. lakedaimon

    Sharing an interesting case and a question

    Hello guys, this is my first ever post so i will take this chance to thank you all for your usefull information. So thanks to BlackHatWorld and your inspirational posts, a few years back i took action and managed to make some money which kinda saved my life cause the country that i live had a...
  5. L

    Why? SEO Autopilot is deindexed

    It seems you are using SEO Autopilot. It seems that all of their self-hosted websites are deindexed. You need to be very careful and remove all those websites. I have lost 15k+ links from those websites:
  6. Storm2019

    Proxy Quality Question

    Is there a better way to assess the quality of a proxy than this? Check to see what sites are hosted on the ip addresses Find the sites that have been deindexed Then make a decision based on the % of sites deindexed to use or not to use the ip address.
  7. olo555

    One inner page gets deindexed...

    Hi, i have whitehat niche website 1 year aged, all of inner pages are in top 5 for all keywords and have unique content. But couple days ago one of inner pages for one keyword in top 4, was deindexed. I dont know what happend i dont have any message in GWT :/ maybe someone have similar situation...
  8. V

    Link of PBN de-index my money site.

    Hey guys! Yesterday i created a link to my money site and it disappeared for my keyword. The PBN domain have this metrics: DA: 24 PA: 19 TF: 17 CT: 5 - I know, is bad! DA (age): 21yo Referring domains: 127 I know that we need to consider other metrics, but... That's a bad domain, right...
  9. devo11420

    All My Images Have Been Deindexed From Big "G"

    Okay so it's been a battle getting my images indexed. Thought I'd finally had my issues sorted out, but looking at GWMT today I can see that I now have zero indexed images. Not even one. Some background, so I had a CDN initially and this messed up my images indexing, I had to modify my...
  10. Google_Rider

    My site Got Deindexed from Bing!

    Hello experts! My site got a manual penalty from Google (I recovwrre it). But in a few days, my site is Deindexed from Bing as well. I sent a support email, they said there is nothing like penalty with my site. But even after 10-12days, site didn't get indexed. I mailed again, no reply even...
  11. sathish2493

    What are all the factors should follow for buying expired domain?

    Hi friends, I have questions about buying expired domains. I have purchased one expired domain which has good DA and PA, But is still not indexed, I don't know the mistake. I have checked search console and backlinks of that domain but no issue found. But That domain is TF and CF are ZERO is...
  12. D

    Pure Spam Penalty on my wallpaper site

    Hello, My 2 wallpaper sites got deindexed due to pure spam penalty. 1 of them is Now, its common that wallpapers websites are hit by pure spam penalty, but here is a case study of mine and I need a solution. 1 year back I used to own and...
  13. youtalk

    G Deindexing Pages

    G has recently been deindexing my sites, and I’m not sure what to make of it. The content on the sites are very similar to other sites, but that has not affecting them before. An example is BB site advertising a Samsung tv. Of course the content would be the same on various sites. So I’m not...
  14. ergoprime

    Google Deindexed One Article After Buying Links on BHW

    Hi, I think I got one of my pages deindexed. I cannot find it on Google anymore and the Search Console shows me the following: The link package that I bought was from a reputable member of BHW and from a sales thread with many good reviews...
  15. syabah

    How to check taken down website?

    My website has not been crawled since made 4 months ago. I have set it on Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics. Google WT shows no crawling error detected. Sitemap has also been submitted. But it's still pending. Could it be being taken down by Google? How do we know if it is? Or any...
  16. Link Player

    Pages are getting de-indexed

    Hi Guys, I'm worried because Google kicked out my websites pages. Its a new website and few days before pages were indexed in Google but they were deindexed one by one. I don't know what's happening. Even I have submitted the sitemap and its showing in search console that my pages are...
  17. O

    Why are certain pages getting removed from Google Index constantly ?

    This is something that I have noticed has been happening lately to me, on different websites out there probably about 5 now, webpages I create on them that get indexed in Google shortly there after appear to be removed from Google. But then when I log into a Google account and manually submit...
  18. G

    Page deindexed for xxx-Anchors, site doomed ?

    I just lost, one of my strongest inner pages TF 12 / CF 20 due to BDSM anchor texts, got deindex by big G. However, the domain didn't get hit for now. Apparently Peng. 4.0 seems to work, indeed granular. Does it make sense expanding the project further or will it get hit anyway with some time lack ?
  19. S

    Why is my site not ranking on yahoo

    Hi everyone We have a site that is position 1 for a keyword in Google yet is not indexed for the same keyword in yahoo. That said, yahoo is not even indexing our Twitter for the same keyword. What the hell went wrong?
  20. S

    Shit just got real.Site deindexed

    What would be my best bet ?Should I Redirect or wait few days,weeks? Got tanked just hours ago.execpt for ,doesn't appear for any other keyword.No message in webmasters. Though it doesnt seem so but still is there any hope to recover on its own? What you did after deindexing?
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