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All My Images Have Been Deindexed From Big "G"

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by devo11420, Oct 2, 2018.


do you use wordpress and have your images deindexed practically on the first day of this month?

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  1. devo11420

    devo11420 Registered Member

    Jul 14, 2015
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    Business Facilitator
    Okay so it's been a battle getting my images indexed. Thought I'd finally had my issues sorted out, but looking at GWMT today I can see that I now have zero indexed images. Not even one.

    Some background, so I had a CDN initially and this messed up my images indexing, I had to modify my functions file and wpseo change the images url to my CDN, this worked okay for a while then I'd notice them deindexing. That was about six months ago and I finally bit the bullet and ended up getting better hosting and deleted the functions value, so that locally hosted images would index.

    It all seemed to be going great the last few months and I'd seen more images getting indexed over the next few months. Fast forward to today; logged in to GWMT and can see "0" images indexed.

    Is this anything to do with Yoast SEO? Anyone have this same issue? I'm of course using Wordpress and the only thing that has changed recently is an update for Yoast. Also use SSL just can't see why I'd be having issues like this and I really put a bunch of effort into Yoast, so I think removing or disabling it would cause issues with ranking for content, so not sure what is happening. Is it Yoast that causes this issue? 377 out of 583 were indexed on the 28th of September, the 29th they started to deindex and today 0.