dedicated ip

  1. curious_

    Engagement on Instagram account through share IP vs dedicated IP

    Hello, I live in a country that blocked Instagram a few months ago and I was forced to use VPN to continue using my account. Beyond organic drop of -30% engagement due to my country blocking Instagram, my posts started to get much less engagement and reach. From 1500 likes in the past I barely...
  2. P

    HELP! Facebook vs Instagram. How to make and maintain accounts without getting disabled?

    My long standing facebook profiles that are years old are recently getting flagged and requiring not only phone verifs, but ID verifications. How many facebook profiles can we register per IP address? Do we need a dedicated IP per account? If so, where can/should I purchase these? I'm...
  3. Bruce12

    Help! Proxy For Normal Online Browsing?

    Hi, I need a little help here from you guys, So I hang out on this forum on a daily basis but they recently updated some rules where like a user's IP shouldn’t match with any other user on the forum basically they trying to avoid multi account users which is good but the problem here is that I...
  4. ketwild

    I need VPN solutions

    Hello Guys, I have been traveling around Europe but I am based in the UK and all my clients are based in UK. I have been using a shared VPN service like ExpressVPN but Google and Facebook doesn't like it, and it seems they are blocking it. Couple of times Google Suspended my account and I...
  5. bazal lucifer

    need an expert

    i need an expert who can hide all my identities while creating accounts i am creating aws ses accounts in my same laptop using different browsers ,dedicated ips, even-though aws is finding and blocking the account after using them in few days any help or expert who can do hide all my...
  6. developer1989

    [Suggestion needed] Best & Cheap webhost with Dedicated US IP

    Hi All, I'm planning to purchase hosting for my new website. my website going to have 1M database records and i'm targeting US visitors. Since Black friday is in next 11 days, i want to utilize offers provided by hosting companies. So Please share some good hosting providers with 100% uptime...
  7. EternalFun

    Understanding Proxies and Dedicated USA IP?

    Hi, I want to learn the different between Private/Dedicated Proxy and Dedicated USA IP. Now, I need to buy aged 2006/2007 gmail account or YouTube account but I believe most of those accounts are made with proxies and not UNIQUE HOME IPs. So, if I login from any other country, there is a chance...
  8. kolorone1

    Would it be safe to use NordVPN Dedicated IP for one set of social accounts with Jarvee?

    My idea is to use a dedicated IP from NORDVPN for one set of social accounts. Instagram Facebook Pinterest etc This is for my personal account which I am using a BlazinSEO private proxy from "my city", but I am having issues getting flagged because I am using the profiles on my phone also...
  9. B

    [WTB] UK Dedicated IP VPN

    Titles says it all. I need dedicated IP VPN located in UK (London) Cheapest will do :) Thanks
  10. ViridWeb

    Reseller, Shared Hosting, SEO Tools, Dedicated IP, Free SSL, DDoS Protection, Free Domain - €0.99

    HIGH PERFORMANCE HOSTING WITH LOTS OF PREMIUM FEATURES FOR FREE ======= POWERFUL SHARED HOSTING ======= ========================================== STARTER PLAN - €0.99/Month - ORDER NOW! ========================================== 10GB DISK SPACE UNMETERED MONTHLY BANDWIDTH UNLIMITED...
  11. sabo

    Best VPN to buy a dedicated IP from?

    Hi. I'm looking for a reliable VPN provider that sells dedicated, virgin IP's and doesn't maintain any VPN session logs. Can anyone suggest me any good solution in this regard? Thanks in advance.
  12. A

    Australian VPS Needed

    I'm looking for an Australian VPS that is clean and not abused or blacklisted. Mainly need this for running paypal/ebay accounts so will not require a whole lot of memory, but hoping that it won't be dead slow either. I tried searching other sections for this but its a bit confusing as to...
  13. deBling

    VPS for wordpress does need wpengine ?

    Hello bhw, if you have vps and you want put there website on worpdress is there any reference which vps provider offer dedicated vps plan for woprdress ? Or just simply put, it dosen`t matter what type of VPS firm have ? I know from fact that there are 2 kind of vps, with apache and ngnix, but...
  14. HaxTuTorial

    VPS and additional IPs

    If i get a vps and register many additional IPs, anytime I use the additional IPs to access websites will websites detect the additional IP or the main VPS server IP? I was under the assumption that they detect the additional IP but when I tested my additional ips on ip lookup sites they...
  15. Xaviers

    Dedicated ip question??

    So i recently installed a shopping cart on one of my sites and of course I wanted security so I installed a ssl certificate. To get that I had to buy a dedicated ip. My question is can I use that dedicated ip for anything else? And on another unrelated matter, when I use chrome to browse I'm...
  16. W

    Hosting Solution For Dedicated IP Address for 50+ Domains / SEO Benefits

    Thanks in advance. Right now we have over 50+ domains spread across 3 Hostgator unlimited shared business accounts. None have dedicated IPs. We grouped them into adult, and ecommerce, and blogs - all sharing one IP per account currently. We have been growing and are looking to have a...
  17. T

    If i buy a reseller hosting, can i buy dedicated ip for each and every domain?

    first i say my advance thanks to all. i decided to buy re seller hosting. i need dedicated ip for all domains which will be host in it. please give a guidance to me.:)
  18. B

    Unlimited Domains With Dedicated IP´s?

    Maybe a bit of a simple question, but what are my options if I want a hosting company where I can add an unlimited amount of domains (kinda like Hostgator baby-plan) and add a dedicated ip to every single domain. At the moment I have a Hostgator baby plan but it only allows me to add 1...
  19. AgentOrange_MkUltra

    Poll -how much for 2 verified EUR paypal accnts + 1yr dedi ip (100% safe login)+ free help

    I would like to know what price range most people would pay for such a "package". Right now I am not selling (this is the wrong zone also). But I may consider doing so if there is an acceptable offer. I am ASKING you what you think this is worth. there is a poll but you can also post your...
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