Hosting Solution For Dedicated IP Address for 50+ Domains / SEO Benefits

Discussion in 'Web Hosting' started by webhead, Sep 18, 2011.

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    Thanks in advance.

    Right now we have over 50+ domains spread across 3 Hostgator unlimited shared business accounts. None have dedicated IPs. We grouped them into adult, and ecommerce, and blogs - all sharing one IP per account currently.

    We have been growing and are looking to have a dedicated IP for approx half (25) of our domains for SEO benefits solely.

    We have never been this large before and are hoping to get some feedback from someone with the experience. Solution involing staying with HG are preferred as we love them.

    Should we buy 25 x Basic HG accounts @ $4.95 each? :p

    Though about calling HG and asking them also.

    We will give a small gift to the best proposed solution. If we receive a lot of good suggestions, we will share a free gift here with everyone. Could be a free High PR ******** backlink :)
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    I would go to SeoHosting and get the 25 Class C IPS package for $150. Hostgator owns and would probably gladly move your sites for you as well. Just a thought.
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    go to virpus and get their vps. i used them last year and found very good.
    basic plan is around 12$ and when you pay 6 months, you will get directadmin control panel for free. cpanel costs more i think.

    i purchased additional IP's for $1.50 at that time.
    You have to ask prior if they give 25+ IP's or not.