1. SeasonedCode

    I'm dead

    SEO dead, dropshipping dead, FBA dead, CPA dead, selling digital products dead, I'm dead. :)
  2. CyberSEO is officially dead as a repository for professional 3rd-party plugins and themes

    You won't find any professional plugin or theme there anymore. By professional themes and plugins I mean those that made from professional webmasters who want to somehow insert HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP code into their WordPress posts, sites (e.g. sidebar, footer, header) etc. This is...
  3. shiboshy

    Swipe (SXP) warning. If you hold SXP please read this!

    Swipe (SXP) is a token that I was hodling for 2 months. I posted this thread recently: Please be careful if you decide to keep using...
  4. cooxer

    How Google allows this?

    Hello, I have noticed some websites like this: ranked on the first page for high competition keywords. It is only an image that links to some adware page. What is this and how tf they rank without any content? Also I have noticed these sites...
  5. choboanem

    Does Dropshipping still work in 2020?

    Hi! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I was just wondering of "testing" dropshipping using just instagram ads, I know how to look for non botted instagram accounts and I think I might have a shot at this, but I've heard things such as "Dropshipping is dead in 2020", " Facebook and...
  6. R

    Hello Im D1

    So introducing myself here... I'm mostly a confused type a guy and boring Any help that i can give ill give just ask even tho i have no clue what i'm doing right now. Hope that says it all.
  7. B

    Domain Owner dead

    So I have a client that messaged me, to rebuild a website he owns(well it seems the other company(guy) owns the website) They are the register of the domain name. So the original company(guy) that owned the website is dead, leaving the business owner without the credentials to a website he paid...
  8. ContentWriter

    Does Google Just Put Our Keywords in Coma?

    *EDIT: Did Google Just Put Our Keywords in Coma?* Peace out! Have you guys checked this out just now? Thanks to whatever Google is doing, some keywords went down just like that. I am not really sure if it's just me and my friend who's experiencing this. If you do, please update us.
  9. Bruce Silduk

    Is Facebook Organic Growth Pretty Much Dead?

    Hey guys, I've seen that organic reach is impaired by a few algorithm changes. I've been running a page with 200~ likes that I've got from friends but my organic reach is stupid. Like 1-10 people per post. I've tried posting loads and still the same problem. I tried paid advertising and got...
  10. mcafee

    YouTube Adsense Dead?

    guys back in 2014 i use to make youtube videos, avraging $2,000 a month from adense, now i can barely make $200 a month from YouTube. What happened to adsense, why can't we monetize the videos like back in times? Here is a good example so i gained 570,000 Views on this one video with in 1...
  11. WokHadBakHad

    It's Getting Harder and Harder to Survive on Online Earnings! FB is killing Me.

    So trying to make more from 3-4 years... Yes, I made some thousand dollars! Now it's 2017, I am on my knees again searching for working methods to make money online, just like when i type "How to make money" on google for the first time! I became overconfident when I made some hundreds of...
  12. C

    Webpick/InstalleRex is Scam ?

    Hello everybody, i have been working with WebPick (Pay Per Install Company) for almost 2 years and from 2 months ago they stop paying me, is this happened to someone else or just me, if you can help me with this i would appreciate it. Thanks
  13. salaheddine

    Best approach to reviving a dead instagram account

    What is the best way to revive a dead instagram account. Is posting new pictures with relevant hashtags sufficient. Or is there another way?
  14. salaheddine

    Best approach to reviving a dead instagram account

    What is the best way to revive a dead instagram account. Is posting new pictures with relevant hashtags sufficient. Or is there another way?
  15. G

    All of page 1 is ads????

    Something weird is going on. All of a sudden all of page 1 was ads. Above and below maps. Until page 2 all I saw was PPC. This video kind of explains it but can someone confirm? If you go to YouTube. /watch?v=fccj4nJqDYY
  16. Shadexpwn

    Moms Dead - Year Long Misery, Regret, Recovery In All Honesty

    Just like with my Uncle back when I first came here to learn in 8th / 9th grade sacrificing school for my IM dream lifestyle I can finally say i'm at the point to which I can handle myself that enables continuing the progress i've made. My growth rate is significantly high even with fear around...
  17. S

    Need help from Experts.

    Hey guys i am a good designer and before a year i started CPA and i targeted a french niche.. with attractive design and a good niche BAM! and right now each time i upload a video on Youtube or try to do the same thing as what i did before my video gets deleted in No time.. like really i dont...
  18. L

    Lost a fake account... What a pitty!!!

    Alright, as a totally noob. I had created 2 or 3 day ago a fake beautiful female account and I was experimenting with it. With just 3 days aprox, I was going to reach the 600 friends! Good numbers? I was playing normally, like real person. Waiting to add, to comment, likeing, etc. Suddenly...
  19. J

    SYV is dead ?

    I think share youtube videos (SYV) is dead. Can someone here tell me alternative of syv. Thanks
  20. abs007

    So whats up with Digg, Is it Dead?

    Digg have just made some massive changes. You can only sign into Digg using facebook - Previous digg links are not working - The whole site has had a makeover and the categories are not working -
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