1. bronzegods

    Looking for DDos or Negative SEO service.

    Hey guys, as the title suggests. I am looking for a good Ddos service or Negative SEO ideas that can bring down a website from SERP. If you offer any services or know anyone on forum doing it please link it below. Also, if you know any good negative SEO practises that I could follow then do let...
  2. Epicster

    Brute force, DDOS attacks - How do you prevent such kind of stuff?

    Hi there, So here's the case. The site is receiving constant DDOS and brute force attacks which I have done my best to mitigate, but till not been able to get properly rid of it. So far, I have - Blocking XMLRPC through CloudFlare. - Blocking Origin Access except for Cloudflare - Blocking...
  3. pantballgod1991

    Need HELP! Someone is duplicating my site and I need to stop them

    Hello everyone, I have a site that's on Shopify and someone is copying the site exactly to 2 different domains. I have filed an FBI report, we have a DMCA protected image on the top of the site, I reported the site to Google via " suspicious site finder". I'm to the point where I want to DDoS a...
  4. 1536758

    Hello, Black Elite

    Hello, Black Elite. Mainly involved in Networking from 2015 or earlier. It started innocently with a certain DNS amp and now I'm fighting on both sides of the firewall. I am currently developing some interesting projects. Hope someone else remembers FBI Christmas :)
  5. Blackhatta94

    Looking for Xbox up sniffer

    Hello I’m new to the site and or haven’t been on in years. What section do I post and or can anyone help me with finding a ip sniffer like Cain and able that is for MacBook? And know of a good IP stresser site to boot people?
  6. RoyalOffshore

    [GUIDE] Extension #7 To My Money Making Guide: ♛Securing your Wordpress Website!♛ [PLUGINS]

    ♛ This post is a 7th extension of my Money Making Guide... surely not the last! ;) You should read these first to be able to understand what's this about ♛ ♛ MOVIESITE GUIDE ♛ How To Build And Earn Money With Movie/Trailer Site And Publicly Available Videos [GUIDE] Extension #1 To My Money...
  7. Y

    Getting DDoSed on a personnal computer, what to do ?

    Someone that i know is getting ddos on his personnal computer, yesterday his dns crashed. here is a small list of the IP : fe80::6488:1672:45a1:4a62 2a00:1450!400c:c0a::bc fe80::6488:1672:45a1:4a62 2a00:1450:400c:c0a::bc fd0f:ee:bo::1 tell me if you need more ip ? what can we do...
  8. S

    How to access origin server to file DMCAs

    Trying to send DMCA takedowns with three big web cam ripping premium websites. All demands are ignored and their real ISPs are hidden behind servers, like cloudflare. I figure most places are based in Romania and Panama, and thus out of jurisdiction for potential arbitration. However, some must...
  9. A1DAN

    did youtube get ddosed?

    yesterday, at around 9:00 EST, you tube went down. it seems like a ddos hack but is there any proof or reason some one would ddos youtube?
  10. blacksails

    How to protect against massive DDOS? (250 mio requests in 3 days)

    Hello, I hope, I am right in this forum. Recently I had an massive DDOS-Attacke over 3 days with round about 250 mio requests. Even cloudflare (free mode) could not handle it at all and approx. 20 mio requests reached my server. So the site was down for 3 days and I lost the traffic and with...
  11. tiiberius

    BHW under constant DDOS?

    Is BHW under constant DDOS for these last couple of days? Traffic on site is terrible (https://www.blackhatworld.com/online/) and I keep being bothered by CloudFlare. Your thoughts?
  12. codeman1234

    DNS Made Easy vs Cloud Flare Pro Plan?

    Hello, I am looking to add Premium DNS service with DDOS Protection for big money site but, I am on a pickle between this 2 services: DNS Made Easy and Cloud Flare Pro Plan? Has anyone try them? what you guys think? By the way Blackhatworld uses DNS Made Easy which makes you think about why...
  13. saadoff

    Massive DDoS attack against DYN DNS service

    Cyber attacks are getting evil and worst nightmare for companies day-by-day, and the Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack is one such attacks that cause a massive damage to any service. Recently, the Internet witnessed a record-breaking largest DDoS attack of over 1 Tbps against...
  14. JaxMan

    I need help, WP blog resource limit reached nearly daily

    I have a fairly active WP blog on offshore hosting with "unlimited" bandwidth however in the past few weeks, visitors are seeing this message: The website is temporarily unable to service your request as it exceeded resource limit. Please try again later. The host isn't necessarily helpful in...
  15. Scritty

    Google Negative SEO Petition. Go On - You Know You Want To!

    This isn't Black hat - White hat - or even some dozy fucker in a clown hat bending balloons with that sqeaky noise that puts your teeth on edge. This is just a request for common sense - aimed at Google (so feck all chance of that happening then) "This ain't rock and roll" "This Is Genocide"...
  16. madbutcher

    my competitor ddos me

    Hi guys, my competitor ddos me, all ideas how to fight back are welcome :(
  17. I

    WordPress under Ddos

    I have a movie site on wordpress. It is running really, really, really good! But then... an fuckin* bastard is doing ddos on my website. But he is using http flood. I tried to block it but I fail.... Please help me. I am dying, I tried everything! :( Are there maybe any good plugins for...
  18. ExtraWinner

    = EASY to promote, flat $500 per sale, ALL traffic allowed, Virgin Niche!!! =

    Make flat $500 per sale!!! Earn $15.000 a month with just one sale a day in this untapped niche! I am proud to invite you to DosProtect.com - new DDOS protected hosting.Earn from Mastercard and Visa downtime hype by selling DDOS protection. We are the only DDOS affiliate program that: a)...
  19. bobbys

    my competitor is doing a denial of service attack on my site..suggestions?

    One of my competitors has been doing a ddos attack on my site for the past 2 weeks, he's managed to take it offline for a few hours at least 3 times. Its been confirmed that its denial of service by the hosting company. My question is, for anyone who has experience with this, is there...
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