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  2. KJREDDY247@

    what are you people using to scrape data from Linkedin?

    I am buying from random sellers 10k data at 25-35$ for each Apollo download. Any alternatives ? or are there any cheaper sources? Thanks for the suggestions
  3. dekak

    I need database of people from India with WhatsApp number in it.

    How to get data of India people and in that data it has their WhatsApp number? Or is there a person that can be hired to collect the data? Thank you!
  4. S

    Instagram (IG) Data Scraping

    We are needing a long-term partner to scrape IG data This will include getting peoples': - Usernames - Emails - Follower / Following count Requirements: - The data needs to be new - Ability to filter by country This will allow us to separate the data into: 1) All world data 2) First-world...
  5. Z

    data brokers?

    Anybody knows a website of a data brokers on dark web who buys huge stolen data? I have tons of private stolen database from big companies! About hundreds of terabytes! And I'm looking to sell it for a good amount of cash. I'm serious, Thank you.
  6. Q

    make money selling web scraped data on the internet / data marketplaces

    Hello, I have been web scraping since some time, I work with some clients sometimes however some of them are not really serious and most of them give some jobs that are quite impossible to do I have 4 clients who buy data from me, i deliver the data each week to their databases I was...
  7. Arduin0

    Selling user data?

    Hello BHW, I was on the website that had cookies popup , but this pop was quite different from the usual ones. There was list of 50+ websites, companies etc. and you had option to choose if you would like to share your cookies with them. So my question is: Is there a tool such as this one I...
  8. Adehbest

    A new Data Analyst needs help

    Please I need help, I am a freelancer who just finished learning data Analysis (visualization), I have good Microsoft Excel skills, Microsoft Power BI and SPSS skills, but my problem is I don't know my target audience and I really need to social media to send cold emails. Please, who can I...
  9. seo_alexa002

    Buy Leads/Data/Info for Any Professionals/Business from USA, Canada, Australia , Germany ,UK, Netherland, New Zealand, UAE, Denmark, Fra...

    Buy Leads/Data/Info for Any Professionals/Business from USA, Canada, Australia , Germany ,UK, Netherland, New Zealand, UAE, Denmark, France &More Every Internet Marketer Know's the Value of Data We have Build a Custom Tool , Which Gives us Data for Specific profession/Business for a Specific...
  10. D

    Amazon browse nodes database download? Is the full list of Amazon browse nodes available anywhere?

    I found this thread, where someone mentions they have, where you can navigate through Amazon browse nodes. But you have to do it manually. I also saw this thread at stackoverflow, where someone says, However, seems to be dead. Does anyone know if the Amazon browse...
  11. L

    i need some suggestions about hosting

    I have some 200gb data so please give me some suggestions what should i use should i use some hosting or what other things i can use so my wordpress website will not get slow Thank You
  12. Ricostrong


    Have I Been Pwned allows you to search across multiple data breaches to see if your email address or phone number has been compromised Smart https://haveibeenpwned(dot)com/
  13. Ricostrong


    Know here how many companies have ur data information and request to remove (Get starte/Login with one of the following "gmail,microsoft, yahoo for results.)
  14. Y

    Web hosting question

    At the risk of sounding stupid I’d like to ask a question regarding web hosting. Yesterday I created a thread in the Hire a freelancer section of BHW ( I describe how I want to scrape 8 websites. I was wondering… how much do people...
  15. LeftyLuke

    [PR research question] How to find the starttime of an OnlyFans account

    Ive got a list of onlyfans profiles that I would like to know when they started to exist. Would anybody know of a way to identify this? I tried this search operator but you need to query a specific time to find it.. I dont have rotating proxies and stuff to query google like that...
  16. TheToolbox

    [Giveaway] Scrape something for you

    Hello BHW Community :) I want to give you something for free. And i want to get better in web scraping. Please tell me some ideas like datasets that i can scrape for you. I post the datasets in this thread. Regards :)
  17. b_hatW

    Python script for Data Extraction

    I need a python script for extracting data and exporting in google excel sheet. I attached a doc. please check it carefully, if you're a python expert, I think it will take you to develop that script in an hour.
  18. Le Anonimo

    I need some Open Source data Listed Below

    (Note:- file format CSV ) website url business name latitude longitude location category
  19. D

    Fun Reddit Leads Giveaway

    I’ve enjoyed BHW for quite some time, forgot about it, then remembered it. Nevertheless it made an impact on me for fun hussle projects, and I’d love to give back. So I’m a scraping addict, and I thought I’d build you guys a cloud scraper for Reddit which collects (username, email, and phone)...
  20. swords12

    Rayobyte Presents The Most Reliable Residential Proxies! Sign Up Now For Only $1 Per GB

    Pricing Starter Package: 1 - 15 GB: $15/GB Personal Package: 16 - 49 GB: $12.50/GB Consumer Package: 50 - 99 GB : $7/GB Professional Package: 100 - 249 GB: $6/GB Business Package: 250 - 499 GB: $5/GB Corporate Package: 500-999 GB: $4/GB Enterprise Package: 1 - 4.9 TB: $3/GB Custom...
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