1. J

    How to make comments section advance in wordpress site

    Hi, I need help in making my comment section like the below 2 demo sites. 1. 2. They are on blogger but I'm on WordPress and I'm new in this field so...
  2. thegoldeneye

    [TUTORIAL] How to change WordPress Login Page Styling - NO PLUGINS

    After making a tutorial "How to Make Your Own WordPress Theme for Free" and seeing you liked it, now it's time for a new one related to WordPress. I always wanted to change that default look of the WordPress login page, but everything you can find on the Google/YouTube is how to change...
  3. Sandie2018

    Help me remove the 'sale' text button in flatsome theme

    Hi guys, Does any of you use flatsome theme for woocommerce? I want to show the product discount by the price only and would like to remove the 'sale' text that appears on the picture of a product after I make the discount. Could anyone tell me how to do it? Thanks
  4. ContentWriter

    Designing Facebook Profiles on a Different Level

    Are you guys familiar with Friendster? For those who used to have accounts under this social networking site, can you still remember how you designed your profile through codes and additional features? Do you think Facebook would let its users customize their profile accounts such as the...
  5. KJREDDY247@

    Amazon SES: Anyone gone through this info ???

    Does it mean we can schedule personalized emails without any third party software? Did anyone use this feature?
  6. U

    Customize Dating Script - pH7CMS

    I need someone who can do small to medium customization changes to a dating script im currently using. The script is by pH7CMS if you are familar with them. I would present you with the customization needed, we agree on a price and work from there. Not looking for a quick turn around but...
  7. S

    Need a minor customization on Wordpress

    I need minor customization in gallery section of a wordpress website and migration. Cant pay much but can regularly work with freelancer going forward. Skype - vikrant.tamhane
  8. D

    Wordpress Admin Customisation

    Has anyone got into customising wp admin area? I have tried in the past wp client panel but what was a really promising wp admin customisation plugin looks like is no longer supported and has been dropped like so many others and does not work with the latest version of wordpress. Are you using...
  9. vivek.verma

    Need urgent help in Ganzo theme customization

    I have customized a wp ganzo theme, and added a page with name "Home" for modules.. And setted it as a static homepage. Now he title looks like: Any Title | A additional "|" is appearing. I have installed Ultimate SEO plugin, but its not due to that, i have checked by deactivating. After that, I...
  10. Y

    Wordpress Customizing

    Looking for someone to customize a wordpress site for me using studio press themes and the genesis frame work. Please provide at least 3 sample customization you have done before I would consider you. I am very big on coding....spend alot of on pretty designs that ain't worth sh#$.....
  11. Y

    Fresh Editorial

    I recently started wordpress blog but I am having some challenges customizing the theme. It is a Fresh Editorial Theme, very great and has lots of areas to monotize. I don't know when I cannot figure out the customization tools. In the dashboard had an editorial area with a bunch of HTML and...
  12. P

    Looking for a Facebook Customization Resource

    Anyone know of any sites that have info on customizing facebook? What im looking for is an information source that contains info about the many aspects of customizing a facebook business page. Thanks. I normally wouldn't post something like this on any forum but it seems my Google-Fu isn't...
  13. F

    Wordpress themes customizing

    Hi everyone, My main problem is that I do not know how to become good at customizing wordpress. Can you tell me where to learn CSS, or if there is any course out there on how to customize wordpress themes. Thank you for your help.
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