customer support

  1. See you vader

    A good message to send to customers asking for refund.

    As drop-shippers we are affected by the delays of the logistics due to the covid situation. Many customers are asking for refunds. Can someone here write out a good message/email to send all customers to let them know about the delays, and to also ask people who demand refunds to hold back and...
  2. mihai1497

    ✅⚡Become more productive by using canned response everywhere

    Do you offer support on skype/discord/social media/forums? Do you do marketing and sales on skype/discord/social media/forums? If you said yes to any of the questions above you should keep reading in order to learn how you can become more productive by saving yourself from typing the same...
  3. PLennart

    [HIRE] Customer Support and Customer Acquisition Support

    Hello everybody! We are looking for a VA doing the customer support for our Social Media Management Agency. Also, we would like you to answer any new questions and messages on Instagram and to close new clients for us. (You will get paid by client too). We are thinking about paying one fixed...
  4. B

    [Get] Site5 - 6 Months of Free Hosting

    Site5 is offering 6-months of free hosting if you use the coupon code SIMPLECORPSEPT2012 at checkout. I usually find these deals only work if you sign-up for a hosting plan that is 1 year or more. However, I noticed the code works even if you select a 6-month hosting period! :) Here is a...
  5. J


    I have just purchased ScrapeBox and due to it being brought as a Xmas gift it was purchased via one of my parents Paypal address, now I emailed Customer Support asking firstly if it would be possible to have the emailed changed to my PayPal due to it being me who owns the license. Secondly as...