1. A

    Fiverr Crowdfunding: feedback?

    I registered on Fiverr and when I looked at the different categories, I saw one that caught my eye: the Crowdfunding category. In a nutshell, these are freelancers who offer help with various fund proposals. Have any of you already tried it out? I mean this kind of service of crowdfunding...
  2. DXA

    Need projects for a crowdfunding website (Will pay 4 audience)

    Hey guys, first of all I´m very thankful for this site since it helped me a lot along the way ;) I´ve just finished my new crowdfunding website based off of WP and I´d like to invite some of you to both set me up on the way and help me get some attention or hit me up with your ideas. If you...
  3. DXA

    Help me find projects for crowdfunding website (please) :)

    Hey guys, I´ve recently started a crowdfunding project, I have the website basically done I wanted to ask for some tips and tricks on where you can find projects, startups, creator to get funded to go ahead and start? :) Plus, if you could help me get some attention around it. Starting from...
  4. DXA

    Hey guys, can someone please take a quick look on my Php based WP website?

    Hey guys, I´m building a Wordpress-based crowdfunding website and I´m tying to solve some things before release since there are a few errors I can´t get together myself. I just need guidance or someone to point things out for me and get me on the right path to sort stuff out before release ;)...
  5. DXA

    Finding projects to join my crowdfunding website

    Hey guys, I came up with a few ideas of getting my crowdfunding project going but I could always use some advise since I have the whole page set up but I need to find projects willing to join the platform, do you think you could maybe give me a hand on this one? If you want to see some more...
  6. DXA

    Crowdmerc theme installation

    Hey guys, I am new to installing php wordpress themes and I have a little complication coming towards me within the crowdmerc theme installation, do you guys think you could maybe help me? I tried installing woocomommerce first and then adding pages in the site but there´s a slight problem...
  7. DXA

    Journey to make a crowdfunding website! (Unione)

    Hey Guys, I´ve been reading this blog for 6 years now and it helped me a ton! I´ve never had a journey of my own so today I decided to ask for help from the most knowledgable people on the planet, you! (JK :P) Well, my vision is pretty clear, I want to make a crowdfunding platform where...
  8. B

    Indiegogo Crowd Funding?

    You know when you start scanning huge funded projects you get the itch. :) (they even have "popular demand" extra funded projects) Was wondering you guys thoughts on getting funded for a project and set up it up like you are pre-selling the merchandise you have not created yet.
  9. iminwired26

    youtube crowdfunding

    About to create a type of network on youtube, but now with american channels. if you has some monetized channels, knows about SEO perfomance on ytb, are a traffic manager, are a video/photo editor or something else and want to make some money put a comment down below, if a got some qualified...
  10. Huncho

    Does Kickstarter and crowdfunding matter?

    I have talked to many marketing experts, some of whom believe that the Pre-Launch campaign is very important and should be invested in. While some of them think that they should start immediately and invest in direct marketing. Kickstarter looks quite interesting for a product like mine, a...
  11. Beyah

    A Donate It Forward System

    The power of leverage is not a new concept. Through out nature you can see leverage in the way nature take one seed grain, and multiply it into hundreds of grains. Imagine the power of people doing the same. You would have a family. That family could grow into a huge family of hundreds. Now...
  12. citizenx28

    Suggest some Crowdfunding sites

    Hey all, If you know any crowdfunding sites that accepts campaigns created by people globally, please share. Thanks a lot :)
  13. Pure

    Shout Out to Crowdfunding Experts, Kickstarter, Indiegogo, GoFundMe

    Does anyone here have experience with crowdfunding platforms and putting their ideas on these platforms to attract seed investments? Do you have an email list or leads for these platforms with history of backing projects? Do you know the best sources to publish press releases?
  14. Degen

    Anyone got experience with Kickstarter?

    Hi, has anyone ever successfully funded a kickstarter? I am planning to start a kickstarter for my Tower defence game and need some insight like: What to expect ? where did you promote your kickstarter? Paid or Free promotion?
  15. J

    Need advice on crowdfunding

    Hello, I have a family member suffering of a really though health problem and I am starting a gof** dme campaign to raise needed funds to deal with this problem. I am currently getting a video done and the next step is promote the crowdfunding campaign but my main concern is how will I be able...
  16. thekingofwholesale

    Crowdfunding Advertising For A Percentage Of The Raise

    Hi I am looking for a crowdfunding expert that can advertise my campaign. Payment would be made after the end of the campaign. We can negotiate the percentage. My campaign is in the healthcare industry. The campaign will be a 35 day campaign. Raised amount must clear $75,000. PM for more info.
  17. RobaChasseur

    Using proxies to trick Indigogo algorithm

    So Indigogo uses a popularity algorithm to decide who gets placed in their newsletter and under featured projects. Has anyone uses proxies or another tool to trick the algorithm into selecting their project? Apologies if this isn't the right section.
  18. C

    Glad to join you all. Hoping to spread my Crowdfunding knowledge!

    I've heard about Black Hat for some time and just now jumping in. Glad to be here. I am a Crowdfunding Expert, Consultant ... or Guru as some might want to say because the industry is fairly new. I love crowdfunding and the opportunity it allows for just about anyone to make their dream into a...
  19. saldebus

    Hello I'm a Kickstarter Veteran but new here...

    Hello BHW, A friend just told me about this site and I love it already. Here to learn and advise on crowdfunding whenever I can. Ask me.
  20. GiftGuru

    I'm getting back into the crowdfunding promotion and marketing game. Send me your projects

    3-4 years ago I was heavy into the crowdfunding game. I promoted over 200 projects. Just recently I picked up a smart phone company called Comet on IndieGogo and have given them over 1 million tweets in less than a week and it seems to be picking up. If you have a project out there and are...
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