cron job

  1. speedie

    Cyberpanel cron jobs: does it work for you?

    Hey guys, Before I jump into a free cPanel alternative let me ask this question: if you are using cron job in Cyberpanel to automate some task for your website successfully? Is the cyberpanel cron job buggy or working fine for you?
  2. speedie

    How many cron job task is too many?

    I would like to know your experience. Do you overload your server with too many cron job tasks that it slows down your website server? At what point does your site begin to get unbearably slow due to server cron jobs over load? I am not talking about the shitty wp-cron here. Each for a plugin...
  3. seohug

    error_log Reporter

    Let's say you run Wordpress, Durpal or any CMS or site that runs on PHP - which are millions out there. Your CMS or script fails to reach the database, or process a query or have some sort of an issue. In most hosts default config, this will log an error_log with details of the issue. You don't...
  4. H

    Need cronjob setup for tumblr already have code

    Looking for someone to setup an cronjob for my website. I already have the script written i need help revising it and for someone to see if there are any errors. its in php. I tried to set it up myself getting forbidden errors and no input found issues. Need help ASAP :( I need it setup so when...
  5. S

    Help with Godaddy Cron Job

    Hello can some buddy tell me how to run cron job on godaddy?
  6. B

    Making Backlink Energizer work without Cron Jobs?

    As my hosting service does not allow Cron Jobs, is there any ways to use Backlink Energizer without the use of Cron Jobs?
  7. Nintendo

    Combine Wordpress Cron Job's in to one file?

    So, you got 30 auto blog sites on your server. Is there any way to instead of having 30 auto-post Cron Job scripts run, and 30...or 60 *insert other Cron Job scripts* also added to the cron job file, just having one or two scripts cover all the sites? Where that one script requests all the...
  8. origin

    [INFO] The Cron Jobs Instruction

    Cron job is like time scheduler. I noticed that some of you have no idea how to make cron jobs working. I collected information from many resources, so here it is: Cron job working via CPanel 1. Login to your cpanel. 2. Click cron icon. 3. Click standard. 4. Enter your email address for...
  9. A

    Wp-o-matic wordpress plugin not working

    HI everyone , I have just started Autoblogging. My Wordpress blog is setuped using Wp-o-matic (Latest Version) for fetching RSS feeds. I have 2 problems with it. 1. It is not fetching complete article / post from Rss of other site. It takes only 4-6 lines as in Rss we can see. Is there any...
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