Wp-o-matic wordpress plugin not working


Apr 17, 2009
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HI everyone ,
I have just started Autoblogging. My Wordpress blog is setuped using Wp-o-matic (Latest Version) for fetching RSS feeds. I have 2 problems with it.
1. It is not fetching complete article / post from Rss of other site. It takes only 4-6 lines as in Rss we can see. Is there any script / Plugin for fetching gull rss article / post.

2. Its cron job is not working. I have setuped it to check for every 8 hours and update BUT it does not. In options , it shows me Cron Job url .On going to that URL , my WP blog gets updated. Please help me in both cases.

Thanks in advance.
I think the rss feed depends where you are pulling from. I.e if the feed is only excerpts then that's all it will pull. Try a different source and see what i does.

I use wp-omatic without cron jobs and works perfectly fine. Try it out.
wp-omatic is a hit and miss sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't (at least for me)
You have to choose which are doing the full feed, I use Wp-o-matic..

some of them give full with pic
some of them only 4 or 6 lines
some of them too complete even post from xxx how in our blog

what we have to do is check and throw the bad one..
keep the good feed.. It's easy to grab others RSS but need time to make it good..
try to use yahoo pips to get full content even the source just give the part. Searcing here. tx
i posted answers to these questions in another thread recently, just search for my posts.

also. if you use firefox, you can see exactly what the RSS feed looks like by browsing the feed. no guessing whether it is a full feed. you can see if there are pictures, etc.
are you using wordpress 2.8? by accident I updated one of my sites with it and have been having the same issues
are you using wordpress 2.8? by accident I updated one of my sites with it and have been having the same issues

i am positive that three sites are at 2.8 or above.

the only issue I have had recently is that i cannot get any plugins to push the blog posts over to twitter. i had this working on blog, i updated wp and some plugins, and it no longer tweets auto posts. manual posts tweet fine. i tried using many different plugins, but didn't do much else to fix it.
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