1. k3ygen

    My Automation Skills - Your Marketing & Sales Skills

    Hello guys. Over the last couple of years, I created many automations in the B2B space. I've been working mainly for marketing agencies and service providers who struggled to scale their operations. I can create automations and processes that can increase the scalability of specific business...
  2. Fail

    SMS Apis, Crms, etc

    I got banned by my crm sms API for sending too many messages from the same IP address//instance I'm considering setting up rotating IPs with my sender, I was talking it over with my Dev but I'm not sure if I should use data center or residential proxies or even mobile proxies. Would using the...
  3. Z

    Chrome addon programer

    Hello, I am looking for someone to program me a CRM addon for my chrome browser. The addon should be able to read information from a specific website and show me relevant information as well as slightly change the look of the website. There are already extensions which do exactly what I need...
  4. Nuzzie

    Has anyone heard of or used 500apps?

    Hey BHW, Just wondering if anyone heard of or used 500apps. I've experienced my fair share of all-in-one business suites, one that stood out to me the most was Zoho One... it offered a lot of strong applications but I was deterred by the cost ($55/mo per user, per business) I've recently come...
  5. nantoli10

    How would you sell a CRM SaaS?

    So I’m working with this business that made a pretty nice CRM system similar to hubspot but tailored towards retail businesses, ie: if a coffee machine manufacturer that sells their machines in walmarts for example, the CRM plugs into the POS and will give you live data of sales, along with a...
  6. MJ

    Beta testers for our CRM tool - Please read the description carefully

    Hi there, We have been working on hosting panel, which includes CRM and ticketing system similar to Blesta/ WHMCS. You have the option to add non-hosting products and services, and clients can make payments for your services. You can add your payment gateways, manage clients, generate invoices...
  7. L33T

    Beta Testers Needed For Our Upcoming CRM Tool - A Must Tool For SEO lovers to sell & deliver services

    Hello there, We have been working on CRM tool and need a lot of beta testers to go through our website/tool and provide us their genuine feedback or bugs. So just an introduction, CRM is Client Relationship Management tool - A Must to sell and deliver services in one place. If anyone is...
  8. Tube Agency

    Looking for a client management & billing solution

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a client management/client portal & billing solution for selling services. I already know about but I want to find out what other options are. What are you guys using? :)
  9. Affiliate3750

    What is the best crm

    Hello all, it has been a while, I'm affiliate marketer, and I store leads in excel So I'm searching for crm just to manage leads Import export , catch from landing pages And if there is something like give my client portal to assign him leads it will be great Thanks for the help in advance
  10. A

    Any free/cheap CRM with Delivery Management Feature?

    Hey Guys, Hope this is the right place to post this Does anyone here know about any free or cheap CRM with all the mainstream features of clients management, invoicing, tracking revenues and expenses + Delivery management? Things like ZeroBS CRM or PukuCRM (will post it here for free if I ever...
  11. M

    LinkedIn Leads in a CRM

    How can I integrate new connection requests that I have sent and the once they got accepted on LinkedIn in a CRM? I really like Pipedriver. However I cannot get it to work with linked in. Ideally Process: 1. One column or folder with all my leads. (users I sent a connection request) 2. When...
  12. Mirkogiovannetti

    Hiring Full Stack Developer to CRM

    Dear, my company is checking one good Full stack developer to create on CRM.
  13. G

    Which plugin like CRM

    Hello there, for my website running on Wordpress (last version) looking for specific plugin like CRM. So, this plugin must include messaging with client (company-client) like ticket system, task like calendar and progress bar. I find a lot of plugins but all of these are very complicated. Not...
  14. nanohits

    Bizggro - An Affordable, All-In-One Business And Productivity App - Special Deal!

    For more info check out BHW SPECIAL ONE TIME PRICE : $79 (Normal price is $99) ORDER LINK: Ask for coupon code Bizggro sells the same plan at $49 per month. You get this for a one time price! Check out the demo video Payment...
  15. KJREDDY247@

    which CRM are you guys using?

    anyone in here using some CRM for their business's or any freelancers to keep track of their projects in details. which one are you guys using, a customized one one or templates or themes which are already existing in the market? i need some suggestions, to keep up everything in one place (...
  16. DTjai

    Good Link management/outreach CRM right now?

    Hey guys, Does anyone know of a good link management / outreach CRM that works great right now? I was looking at buzzstream but they don't seem to have a feature that limits what a user can view. I wouldn't want someone who works for me remotely to just copy my whole link database so a feature...
  17. macdonjo3

    Instagram CRM | Manage Direct Messages From The Web | Try It For Free

  18. Popular but Humble

    Music Industry Working on SMM

    Hello everyone. I work with singer and songwriters. Been learning a lot about social media from your post. Looking forward to more insight and also seeing if what I’ve learned translates so I can offer insight on the forum. Salute to you all.
  19. owaisjwd

    Hi Newbie heRe!

    Hi All, Is it possible to earn from your skills? To answer this question! Need your feedback! Which skills are common here to earn money nowadays? Looking for your feedback guru's. Thanks Owaisjwd
  20. ReZero

    Managing Multiple Stores - CRM + Marketing Automation - MarTech Stack?

    Hi BHW, I'm hoping someone here has experience managing multiple Shopify/WooCommerce stores with one CRM (including integrations), specifically interested in Zoho One as it's $30.00 USD per month. Zoho integrates with Active Campaigns, Zapier, QuickBooks and InstaPage to name a few connectors...
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