credit card payment

  1. W

    It's Google Pay and Apple Pay better alternatives to Stripe in order to receive credit card payments

    Hello It's Google Pay and Apple Pay payment systems, better alternatives to Stripe in order to receive credit card payments? Anyone already used it? Both payments are good for ecommerce? I appreciate you guys help.

    Merchant account needed for nutra vertical.

    I am looking for a merchant account for nutra vertical order processing thru virtual terminal. We can create a website as well if needed. Product is male enhancers and male enlargement. Geo is USA.
  3. Great ruler

    Need paypal and credit card payment accepting support

    Need service provider for paypal and card payment payment gate way.
  4. D

    Conversion rate research method QUESTION (refund capability needed)

    I've seen a product viability research method described that goes like this: 1) Create landing page for product without actually having inventory (yet) 2) When people "buy" and have actually entered their info, pop up a message saying the product is experiencing delays. 3) If the conversion...
  5. freedman29

    Looking for high risk merchant account / payment processor for replicas

    We're looking for high risk merchant account / payment processor for replicas. We're running several on-line stores which sell reps of branded bags,watches,sneakers,e.g. LV,Rolex,Jordan etc Paypal,Square are tricky,so we prefer credit card gateways. Hope we can find partners in this forum...
  6. killuminatix

    Stripe Payment Method On Blackhat E-Commerce Site ?

    Hi ! I Found many blackhat digital shops with stripe payment options on their sites and just want to know how hard is it to get stripe for unsupported countries and is there any service which can help about creating stripe account for this kind of use ? - What you think about xolo io site ? -...
  7. Dannyoffshore

    How to accept credit card payments?

    Is there a way to accpet credit card payments on sites such as SMM panels and gambling sites?
  8. D

    Help Please, is there a way to checkout on website but payment gateway thinks its another

    Hi after some help, please. I wondered if it would be possible to set-up a payment gateway so that the customer remains on but the payment is processed through or appears to the merchant provider through without taking the customer off site A. For example I go to...
  9. Ragina Raglin

    Need Best Bin codes For adwords and Bing. and vcc for AWS

    Hello Please suggest me some usa and europe best bin codes. and vcc for aws. Its urgent. Thnx in advance
  10. A

    Credit card bitcoin payment gateway, Help!! (Reward 50 USD)

    Hello, I am selling some products over my webshop, but i would like to be anonymous when doing this. I dont want the customer to know who i am in any way when they are paying me using a credit card, similar to a bitcoin payment. If someone could help me find a solution for this i will reward...
  11. tikis

    >>>>>I Sell Private >>> PAYPAL to BTC <<< Method Success 100% YOU CAN generate 1000 $ daily <<<<<

    >>>>>I Sell Private >>> PAYPAL to BTC <<< Method Success 100% YOU CAN generate 1000 $ daily <<<<< 30 k in month IT 226 list guide STEP by STEP with OPSEC and other thinks cost 18 usd contact me ICQ 711790606
  12. Double_A

    CC Processing for SARMS etc

    So I'm sure this has been addressed several times before but here goes. We run a website that sells supplements that no US bank would underwrite for processing for. We've found a couple other sites that use who knows what bank but the gateway that sell the same products so I know...
  13. Neha Sinoi

    How to create [VCC] which pass CCBILL for payment

    i want to pay online which accept through ccbill but i dont want to disclose my original info of my CC so i want a reliable sources who create VCC which pass ccbill for online payment.i also use fake identity[name,address] to make payment.
  14. codeman1234

    Looking for a credit card payment gateway

    Hello, I am looking for a credit card payment gateway for adult sites and escort sites, can someone please recommend me one? Thanks
  15. B

    High Risk Merchant Accounts - 90 Days Started

    Hello Black-hatters, I am looking for a high risk merchant account for various business's - I should say multiples of as i'll be dame if i'm going to expose myself to one payment source. We sell cream's, diet pills, colon cleanse pills etc - Everything we sell has FDA approval etc but the...
  16. F

    Merchant Account Payment ?

    I don't know if i posted this in the right forum and i apologise if i didn't . I need to know if i can pay someone from my credit card to his credit card . He has a prepaid credit card so he doesn't have sort code or bank account , so don't tell me about an online bank transfer . Is there a...
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