cpa lead

  1. D

    Made my first few dollars using Reddit + CPA content locking feeling so good.

    Hi there! I was trying to make some $$$ via CPA but failed (crakrevenue didn't work even after 3k clicks :( Today tried a new method of Reddit+Content locking on my blogger blog. Revenue till now: 2.91 USD. (Its been only 6-8 hours since I started.)
  2. K

    Not much for a lead CPA Lead

    Hi, so I made a new content locker site a few days ago and so far I have generated 12 leads, the problem is that I am only getting on average £0.05 per lead? This is after the guy on my site completes an offer, is this normal? I was under the illusion when I signed up that the cpl was in the...
  3. FaizanAnsari

    i spend lots of time and money on internet please suggest me

    Hello everyone My Name is Faizan Ansari My English is weak i hope you are understand this is my first post for blackhatworld i spend lots of time and money on internet i looking some easy way to make money online i looking make money online spend money and earn money i try CPA Network...
  4. A

    Question About Payment

    Not sure if this is the place to post this, but has anyone ever had issues with CPA Lead not paying you ? It's been 9 days, I spoke with Justin on several chats and he assured me that he would get my payment right out, I reached out several times and he said the same thing. I still have not...
  5. S

    CPALead - Getting Leads But No Response!

    Hello, I am a newbie here so, don't know if I am posting this in the dedicated section or not. So, ignore my mistake!Well, if anyone is having good experience with CPALead then, he/she can tell me when they update their servers for leads? The scene is I signed up with them, got approved and...
  6. R

    cpa lead master

    anyone that can help me with cpa lead method? i am almost a year on cpa lead now. and my earning is still $5 can anyone share some easy method that works or someone that can make me downline in cpa i am not good in programming and maybe that is the reason i cant progress.. please i am willing to...
  7. Empire007

    Need Help Making Money With CPA Networks

    Hi Fellow BHW Members, wouldnt say am quite new. but i registered some days ago. since i wanted to start getting familiar with the members in the community, I need help to start making money with CPA, I have never done this before, and most bloggers in my country work with adsense. My adsense...
  8. B

    Recently Scammed, and Got accepted in CPA, but no idea of CPA

    As the title say, i am really dis heart as all the money which i have is scammed . Those hard earned 200 Pounds and 100 Loan was scammed and i am under big debt, and no way to repay them. :( And neither i want to scam anyone else to earn money unethical way. I was just searching internet, and...
  9. G

    Clickbank - Need some expert advice..

    Hi all, I am a newbie to this internet marketing world and I'm starting out doing some affiliate promoting with clickbank. I have done some good research and I have a pretty good understanding of how it works, but I'm just overwhelmed with "information overload". I just need to know where to...
  10. precious007

    Make Money With CPA

    I know a lot of you guys are still struggling to earn money online, some are more experienced than others but anyways CPA marketing has exploded over the course of the last two years .. I wasn't quite sure where to post this, hopefully some mods will kindly move my thread to a more appropriate...
  11. C

    Can I use Adsense in the Site which uses BHCB or similar Content Gateway scripts?

    I was using Adsense along with CPA lead in my sites which has premium content.However I have a simple question with Adsense on self created or external made Content Gateways like BHCB etc.Will Adsense ban me for using a script on the same page or post where I am using BHCB script to lock the...
  12. jackroze59

    i have a ************** account !!

    But i m not able to use it !! please tell me how to earn from it ?? how can i put surveys on my sites ?? its a cpa account !
  13. aman111

    Ultimate Problem - Traffic Conversion

    I have been promoting my offers and website on Youtube. All videos were getting more than 500 Views & 1 or 2 comments. With all this & much more SEO i earned a total of $4.9 in 4 months. :twitch: I'm working with cpa lead & today i uploaded abt. 8 videos to youtube & they got more than 200...
  14. D

    Any good ideas for cpa lead?

    Hi there, this is my first post on this forum. Has anyone got any good ideas for CPA lead? i'm thinking of doing full games, like age of empires etc... But please could someone give me some other idead because i am stuck, Please make it something legal and something that is good aswell - Thanks...
  15. D

    cpa lead alternative

    Whats a good cpa lead dot com alternative? I want to find another method where in order for visitors to see my sites content they must fill something out or download something. I want to find something that pays more then cpa lead.
  16. D

    piggest pay out with cpa lead

    Hi, Whats the biggest payout that you had with cpa lead dot com?
  17. B

    looking for "IP SWITCHING GURU" (modem users too)

    I need someone that can change their IP address over and over again. Willing to payout alot in paypal for small jobs. All Grey Hat.
  18. super-oct

    The Truth?Witch CPA Network Work Great 4 BHCB?

    Hey Guys, Im running BHCB on all of my blogs but for some reason i cant make enough cash im working with Azoogle ads,Maxbounty,instantdollarz,using there offers to work with my BHCB but its sucks!! I get tons of traffic to my blogs i do get clicks but they dont convert good. I was working...
  19. aman111

    How to put CPA Lead Gateway on Homepage

    I'm using Wordpress on my site. I got approved by cpa lead & now I want to put CPA Lead Gateway on my Homepage. Please help me...
  20. aman111

    CPA Lead denied my applicationn

    Please HELP--- I wrote: Daily Views: 50000-100000 Please describe how you will get your users to complete our surveys: I build blogs and webpages and I get traffic through PPC on google...
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