How much money need to live normally in US?

    I saw a post that in US, dental implant will take about $1500 My whole salary for month is $500 ish But in my country, I can save ,eat ,drink, drive, sleep very well here with that So what will be the minimum living cost in US now? I mean for single person, no wife, no kids..
  2. IlyesPoke

    Cost of a blog post

    Hi everyone, How much is an article in a blog with 118 Sessions and 159 PageViews per day worth? Thank you!
  3. R

    Massive Drop In Cost Per Conversion On Adwords

    Hi It has been over 9 months since adwords stopped forcing users to increase their ad group daily budgets: This change allows you to keep the initial daily spend and maintain a similar number of Impressions, Clicks...
  4. TheNumbersGuy

    As an Internet Marketer, are you Financially organized?

    Hey Guys, Did you know that 50% of startup companies fail within the first 4 years of operating. Lots of these companies fail due to lack of financial organization. Some things to ask yourself: Do I know what my margins are? Am I charging enough for my services/product? Am I spending too...
  5. M

    How to get lower facebook ad cost ?

    Hi, i have started using facebook ad service. I run multiple ads campaigns, like CPM (i know it's bulls**), hardly can achieve better CTR (anyway, i was targeting specific content for males). Next i setup page likes, i could not get impressions with 0,10 - 0,30? so i set the automatic price...
  6. E

    Cost of living in London (South)

    I have a job offer in London, so now i am asking here how much money per month would i need to live in London. I need to pay apartment or room, bus tickets...Any advice?
  7. R

    I am confused abt CPA advertising - Please Help

    Hey, This could be a very silly question but I am really curious. Just came to know abt FB ads -Cost per Conversion module, I haven't spent any money on ads ever so I don't know much abt it. To make my question real simple lets consider a situation. I start a FB ads campaign for conversions...
  8. M

    Give a noob a little pick me up inspiration

    hi bhw, i want to make money very badly with cpa ads but none of my methods im coming up with doesnt seem to be driving traffic :(. I have been researching this forum for over a year now and have only made 1$. Any inspiration you can give me??
  9. 420friendly

    PR 7+ Site-wide Link

    Anyone that is offering any PR7+ site-wide link please pm me url and yearly cost... Cheers Mates!
  10. OldMadHatter

    Factoring shaving into the cost of your PPL campaigns

    There are a good few posts here laying it out clearly - shaving is part of the game, happens with all networks, nobody cares you don't like it etc. Good read, answers most of the questions. Once you're done whining, what can you do to deal with it? My approach does not help with every offer...
  11. marginline

    How much is Internet access where you are?

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