copyright infringement

  1. nohupt

    The Internet Archive loses landmark copyright case

    Some fodder for your brains if you're interested in copyright law in the U.S. The video below is well worth the watch. One of the key takeaways that I thought was a brilliant loophole of American capitalism is that the Internet Archive's founder, Brewster Kahle, owns a book retailer called...
  2. Deejay Misu

    How to recover my disabled facebook account?????

    Few days facebook disabled my facebook account due to copyright infringement. I gave a report about it but they didint give back my id. The account is 10 years old. I need to get back my account. Help me what I shoud do.
  3. I

    Tucows Domain / DMCA / Copright safe?

    Hey, i would like to know if someone has already dealt with the Domain Registrar: Tucows If yes, is it DMCA / Copyright proof? Greets
  4. H

    Music on Instagram videos. Copyright infringement?

    Hi there! I own some travel accounts on Instagram and, lately, it seems that videos are going really viral again. I've seen many travel accounts posting videos (I'd say videos are taken from TikTok) with copyrighted music that go viral and they don't give credits to the owners of the music...
  5. B

    Copyright and Uploading from other sites

    Hello, If I upload a video that is on another site like TMZ or Vimeo. Do youtube SEO maybe add a white Instagram bar at the top or some emojis? Can I still get hit with the copyright infringement charge? I take the video cut out the watermark maybe edit it a little as I said over there. And...
  6. fxmanaged

    Hater is hating. Can I pay to find his IP?

    We've had a private page hating on one of our pages for almost a year now. He posts false and misleading info about us, hateful crap, etc. We've ignored it for a while, but it's getting super annoying. We've even started reporting some of his posts to IG, completing copyright infringement...
  7. lioneds

    Is using Shutterstock images without a license risky?

    There is a bunch of tools nowadays that allow you to download Shutterstock images for free. I've always stuck with the free ones because I don't want to get into legal trouble, but Shutterstock images are way better in quality. I know for sure that using copyrighted images without permission...
  8. promoe

    I'm getting image copyright infringement emails

    Hello... I got an email saying that I used a copyright protected image without a license.. I got the image from Flickr, (i didn't know it was copyrighted) I used on my woocommerce site - which has no visitors bcs it was failure trial. They asked me to pay about 550$ for that image and...
  9. ivanawijaya

    [HELP] does embedding youtube video, or instagram image would be legal?

    Hello i am sry about this question it must be stuppid but i am a litle bit worried and want to play save as possible so i want to ask you is embedding youtube video, or instagram image to a blog post would conside as an illegal copyright infringement or it should be okay cause we just embedding...
  10. ivanawijaya

    [HELP] Does modifying image from original image will violte copyright infringement?

    Hello i've been doing some blog and before i've just asking about some image copyright and somethink started bugging my mind because i working on some blog and i want to make my heading image to look more atractive right and by doing that i need to modifying some of many original image into one...
  11. ivanawijaya

    [HELP] how to use google images legally by follow the rules?

    hello recently i just first time verify my account and also just get rejected for the first time and i was try to get help in google forum but they answer with really awful word like this : - where did you steal the content from? it really hurt my feel by the way she really take my dream away...
  12. phantasma

    The EU Suppressed a 300 Page Study That Found Piracy Doesn’t Harm Sales

    The report found that illegal downloads and streams can actually boost legal sales of games, according to the report. The only negative link the report found was with major blockbuster films:“The results show a displacement rate of 40 percent which means that for every ten recent top films...
  13. D

    Can I start dropshipping site for marvel comic products? Can I get any copyright issues?

    Since am not making any products but selling products made by others I feel its ok to do but I don't want to get into trouble. Is there anyway I I can check products sold by wholesalers are not violating marvels copyright policy.
  14. Wilson Grant Fisk

    Embedding a Tweet Can be Copyright Infringement, Court Rules

    A New York federal court has ruled that people can be held liable for copyright infringement if they embed a tweet posted by a third party. The case was filed by Justin Goldman, whose photo of Tom Brady went viral and eventually ended up at several news sites, which embedded these 'infringing'...
  15. terre_terre

    Print on Demand dropshipping & Graphic designs infrigment & copyright

    Hi there ! I started a Print on Demand journey on Amazon & Etsy, for now I am getting like 10 orders a month & still growing. I have a question, I tought maybe others persons here experienced this : To make my designs, I inspired myself a lot from graphics made by brands or famous artists, I...
  16. R

    Journey to Growing a Youtube Niche to earn over 100$ a day

    I've discovered a certain niche on Youtube that seems to be very lucrative and easy to get going. - I have experience with Youtube as I used to be a partner in 2010-2013 and earned quite a bit of money during that time (over 3k, not much but still something:p) I'm going to share with you guys...
  17. P

    Should I beware of legal issues reusing expired content?

    Hi all Just as the title asks... is it illegal to reuse content that has expired on the web? Found a good one but it has a "copyright disclaimer" from 2014 saying "duplicating my content bla bla bla is copyright". I wasn't sure where copyright stood when someone hadn't republished it after it...
  18. Tinnuu

    (Please) Sharing others photos from Instagram to your blog?

    Is it legal or not to share someone else's photos from Instagram on my blog? There are tools in place on Wordpress that allow users to share Instagram photo links, that have direct link to Instagram photo, its author account, comments and follow function... But I just can't get if people are...
  19. Damn

    8K For A Stolen Image?

    A client of mine called me and said there was a problem with his website. He told me someone sent him a letter saying that they used a copyrighted image and needed it taken down and to be compensated $8,000. Has anyone else had this issue. This scares the shit out of me because I've been...
  20. keytenx

    Copyright Image Letter; What are the best ways to deal with it?

    As mentioned above, what are the best ways to deal with these matter? Its my first time to received such email. :(
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