copy cat

  1. thesyndicate

    If you find someone copied your content in the blog, who do you call?

    If you find someone copied your content in the blog, who do you call? Ghostbusters? With video it is pretty easy but what about text?
  2. F

    need a webdesigner to copy/duplicate a webside

    I need a webdesigner to duplicate a webside. This must NOT be an exact copy. The webside is multilingual (in russian and in german) Please contact me, if you are interesred.
  3. mystery

    He Copied My Landing Page Story

    Ok, not exactly, but the guy has copied my character's story, adding few of his touches and even used the same name. Both of us are marketing via adwords. His copywriting sucks but his before/after photos are convincing enough... more than mine. It made me wanna change my before/after...
  4. sudarshannus

    Help me guys from a copy cat please offer your suggestions

    Hello fellow Blackhatters, I have a copycat who is copying my techniques(just stealing my techniques) which I take a long time to think and execute.Actually the thing is he was my friend(my college mate) and while he was in some financial difficulties I helped him by offering him to work for...
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