If you find someone copied your content in the blog, who do you call?

Try this, select Google Search

For me I started uploading strange theories on whatever then if they copy my ideas then they get their posts disindexed by Google sometimes.
Haven't used, but I know about the feature that you can use to report stuff like this to Google.
I did it before for a fellow Polecat but I give myself one of the google founder name to make myself sound more important it happened within like 2 hours removed of Google.
If you must call someone then it would be your lawyer if you can afford one. However the link above looks promising

Imo stolen content generally isn't worth reacting to.
If you keep writing stuff and someone just keep taking it would you not report them?
If you keep writing stuff and someone just keep taking it would you not report them?
If it's not harming me and my income then I would probably just focus on something more worthwhile

A few years ago I probably would have looked for revenge but its just not worth it
I am guessing you asking me? Yes I have on most of them, why?
Yes asking you I see well if that's the case it's possible the other person steals your content automatic through your Rss feed so you could possibly fix your content being stolen by you temporary disabling your Rss
First find out their hosting, domain register.

1. Send them a mail, threatening to take legal steps if they don't take down the contents, but don't say exactly what you are going to do. Give them 3 days to respond.

2. Send a DMCA to their hosting (if its not a DMCA proof hosting then they will force them to take down the contents)

3. Send a DMCA to Google (Google will deindex their pages)
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