Help me guys from a copy cat please offer your suggestions


Junior Member
Dec 23, 2007
Hello fellow Blackhatters,
I have a copycat who is copying my techniques(just stealing my techniques) which I take a long time to think and execute.Actually the thing is he was my friend(my college mate) and while he was in some financial difficulties I helped him by offering him to work for me.But as soon as I found out that he was just cheating(actually he dint do the work) but was getting paid I avoided him.He got angry and is just copying all my techniques(lets say if I submit to some sites,he will just submit his site)and he is using the same site content as mine.This is quite irritating for me and I am not able to concentrate on my work.I feel like giving him a big slap but I am controlling my anger,since he is still in my class.So please mates,help me to tackle that fcuker cheat.Waiting for your suggestions.
i am not talking with him anymore..but the thing is that fcuker is trying to copy exactly my is there any way i can screw him over ?
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