1. ahmet fatih

    How do I convert a pdf document to an editable indesign document?

    Hi guys, how can I quickly convert a pdf document to an editable indesign document? There is a plugin, but the cost is very high, do you know a method? It's a multi-page pdf and it will take too long to import into indesign. Thanks in advance.
  2. ATuringtest

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Convert YouTube Videos In to full HTML Blog Posts ⭐⭐⭐⭐

    ++++ Your are buying a service ++++ that converts your YouTube Videos to full HTML webpages /Blog Posts. Which will then be delivered to you via your email as an attachment. Including : H1 Headers. H2 Headers. AI grammar and spelling correction (results will vary). Full AI Extracted keyword...
  3. hercai

    How can I convert article to Youtube video?

    Hello, is there a program / wordpress plugin or other software that converts the article content on the site to video content for youtube? For example: It should prepare a slide using the featured image in the article and the images in the article. It should show the short information in the...
  4. Market Beast

    ✏️ Be The REX Of Your Niche With CONTENT DINO! ✅ USA Authority Content Writing & Copywriting That Converts ✏️

  5. hercai

    Convert HTML5 games to APK?

    Hello, How can I convert them to APK for Play Store after purchasing HTML5 games sold on Codecanyon and similar platforms?
  6. F

    FB UID convertor

    Hi, i have plenty of UIDs from facebook but none of UID convertors are actually working, can u develop some easy script to convert facebook UID to user email and phone details?
  7. anup999

    how to convert crypto currency to my local cash?

    I'm thinking of accepting payments on one of my site. But how I convert that BTC to cash/ get money to bank account?? (BTW I'm from India want to conver in INR, but USD is also fine if I get that transfer to my bank account.)
  8. marce12

    Create S3 Amazon Polly? bucket

    Thanks to the forum I found with this application and thus transform the text into audio, I usually need to convert more than 3000 characters. Up to 100 000 characters, you must save your task in an S3 bucket. Wouldn't you know how to do it some help? Thanks
  9. D

    Possible methods to convert dexpages or phone books to excel/csv

    If anyone has any paid or knows of where any methods for converting dexpages/the phone book to excel /csv
  10. Takurah

    Does Black Hat World transpose? {ask}

    My mom is a vlogger online and wants to start using blogs. So I'm trying to take her videos and pay someone to convert what she says into blogs or .docx. aka transpose I've searched the forum and I dont think anyone does this... Am I crazy? is this not a thing? Is there a corner of the market...
  11. News Feed

    Shop Now Or Learn More Call to Action?

    Hello, I am running Instagram Paid Ads on my IG Feeds to sell tickets for an event. What option do you think will convert better - Learn More or Shop Now?
  12. B

    Convert spam into cash

    Okay, here is the situation, which is probably not unique. Due to the websites I own, I receive on a regular basis CV's from different people that would like to apply for a job in the United Arab Emirates. So far I considered this as pure spam, but thinking outside of the box, what would be the...
  13. King_zyzz

    Instagram Shout Outs Convert Into Action

    Shout Outs have been part of the instagram game since forever. I created this topic so we could share our knowledge on tips & tricks on how to convert Instagram users into taken the desired action of the shout out. So we could all benefit from it whether you are providing or buying shout outs...
  14. suportxd

    Will receive BTC, need convert to € and send to bank account

    Hi there, i will receive payout from cpa network in BTC. I haven't any experience with crypto, and don't want speculate with that. Just need : 1. create wallet 2. When i receive BTC to wallet - convert to EUR ( € ) - best with lowest fee 3. Send EUR ( € ) to my bank account So, the question's...
  15. MehdiBmm

    List of most e-commerce used for smartphones and tablets shopping by country?

    Hello guys, I am running an affiliate blog about smartphones and tablets and I've been only using Gearbest and got almost no conversion (just one 2 months ago) while I had many clicks to my buttons (it means that people were going to convert but probably we're not ready to order from Gearbest...
  16. Spazz

    Articles written in "Renglish" - English with cyrillic characters

    Doing some SEO work for a client who outsourced some articles. Website is in english, USA based company. Had a heck of time of trying to figure out why just those specific articles, were not ranking for anything. When I go to edit them in Wordpress, I see the red underline of words that...
  17. T

    Kindle publishing convert paperback to ebook and sell

    Kindle publishing is a hot market and amazon is selling more ebooks than printed books. Would you get away with converting paper books into ebooks and selling them on amazon or possibly another site? A lot of amazon printed books don't have an ebook version, but the publisher would likely get...
  18. Tanckom

    [FREE] iMacros to Java Script Converter

    For those who want to convert their whole iMacros scripts to Java and to use them with iMacros Add-on, this is a little tool i wrote in Java to convert your whole script. Features: - convert from iMacros to Java Script - edit variable prefix - free Download: iMacros to Java Script converter
  19. Junior the goon

    What happens to your followers on Facebook PROFILE when you Convert to Fanpage?

    Good morning everyone, So I been thinking for years about converting my personal Facebook page with 5k friends 22k followers into a fan page. Has anyone done it recently ? Do the friends still turn into likes? and most importantly will my followers also turn into likes? giving me a total of...
  20. G

    best CB lead page that convert !

    hello BHW members im working on health and fitness niche, can any one provide me 2 or 3 LP that convert well to start testing with it !
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