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Instagram Shout Outs Convert Into Action

Discussion in 'Instagram' started by King_zyzz, Mar 23, 2018.


Have you ever bought/sold instagram shout outs?

  1. Yes I sold some

  2. Yes I bought some

  3. No never before

  1. King_zyzz

    King_zyzz Jr. VIP Jr. VIP

    Sep 14, 2017
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    Shout Outs have been part of the instagram game since forever.

    I created this topic so we could share our knowledge on tips & tricks on how to convert Instagram users into taken the desired action of the shout out. So we could all benefit from it whether you are providing or buying shout outs.

    Some examples of Shout Out purposes:

    Post/Stories to gain followers - Follow @username
    Post/Stories to sell product/services
    Posts/Stories to get brand awareness


    Some tip/tricks from my experience

    1. Shout Out should have 1 single call to action, don't expect to convert well if you ask users to perform multiple tasks
    2. Try to trigger a strong emotional response, for example a good offer for limited time (must buy this), some good value (information) Make them laugh/feel amazed etc.. this will usually result into the user taking action.
    3. Make sure you tell the user what to do, having a clear call to action is a must
    4. Shout Out should be relevant to the niche (no brainer right?
    So what are your thoughts on this? and what is your experience using/providing shout outs?
    Also be sure to make a vote on the poll !