What happens to your followers on Facebook PROFILE when you Convert to Fanpage?

Junior the goon

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Jan 28, 2012
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Good morning everyone,

So I been thinking for years about converting my personal Facebook page with 5k friends 22k followers into a fan page.

Has anyone done it recently ? Do the friends still turn into likes? and most importantly will my followers also turn into likes?
giving me a total of 27k likes???

Thanks in advance.
I am not 100% sure that All of your friends and followers will convert into Page's like but i think it will .. but i'm 100% sure that 5 minute of google research give you the correct answer :)
I've tested only friends go to page ... followers are going to be lost. and won't the 5 k friends goes between 400 ~ 1200
There is new way to convert your profile into page. You have 14 days to transfer your friends into "likes". After 14 days you still will keep your personal profile and page. Also dont do the "SELECT ALL" options , go slowly each time with 300 - 400 friends and in the end you will have 70 - 80 % of your friends into "likes".
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