content optimisation

  1. NexMind Ai

    Hello, SEO Experts here

    Hi BHW teams, I am new here and I am one of the experts in SEO automation & Ai content generator. Hoping to help you in any way. Have a nice day, everyone!
  2. P

    [Method] how to change Month/year or any post variable in hundreds of articles

    Hey All, Let's say you are inserting month/year are any variable which needs to be changed as time go. For example, I have built content on SEO in 2019 which will become absolute in year 2020 since no will be interested to read SEO article which focused for year 2019 in the year of 2020. You...
  3. S

    Is Keyword optimisation necessary for website traffic building?

    Is keyword optimisation a complete necessity for website traffic building.
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