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  1. A

    Is Scrapebox Contact Poster still Effective in 2024?

    Goal - We want to promote our website to Shopify Website Owners and make them Hire a VA Website - is like an Upwork Our message is very formal. I submitted to 13K Shopify Contact Forms with 60%+ Success Rate using TEXTAREA code of @phil stewart . We are not getting any clicks from the links...
  2. R

    Contact Form Posting: Does it still work in 2024?

    I came across an old copy of GSA Website Contact Form Poster on my PC so decided to give it a go again. I uploaded it to a VPS, stacked it with 3m contact leads, and tried a few approaches. So far I have discovered: - Click-throughs vary from <0.1% to absolute best case 0.7% - I couldn't get it...
  3. Z

    Tips for using GSA Website Contact to contact Shopify stores

    Hi, I am considering getting GSA Website Contact to contact Shopify stores. Any recommendations? I have heard some people have been struggling with doing this.
  4. M

    Automating Email Marketing For Our Agency

    Hello, me and my partner have setup our digital marketing agency and now we are faced with the problem that we got tons and tons of replies/inquiries from potential leads through our email and contact form and we are losing sales because we can't possibly spend 12-hrs everyday following up and...
  5. BradyX

    [HAF] Looking for an expert in GSA Website Contact Software

    Hello I am looking for someone who can send out thousands of messages daily using the GSA Website Contact Software It is a long term work and I am looking to hire only someone experienced and who can show previous work samples. If interested, just send me a PM or contact me on skype directly ...
  6. P

    Looking for ScrapeBox - Contact Form Poster Templates

    Hello Community, I'm looking for ScraeBox Contact Form Poster platform templates for the most commonly used contact form's on the web. Mainly looking to target wordpress, wix, squarespace, godaddy and any other common contact form modules etc. If anyone has a library of platform templates...
  7. olo555

    ☢️ Nuke ☢️ - ✉️ Contact Form Lists ✉️ - Find New Customers!

    Contact Skype:nukeseo Email:[email protected] 3X - 30% Review discount codes!
  8. N

    Who does Contact Form Marketing?

    Seems this form of marketing could be effective but have not seen many discussions about it on this forum so far. Only a couple of dated threads. Few days ago I stumbled upon this 2015 article and the guy seem very salty about it...
  9. A

    [Hiring] Mass contact sites in specific niche

    I am looking for somehow who can mass contact sites in a specific niche through their "contact us" forms so the site owners will receive the message in their inbox. I read that this can be done through scrapebox but I don't have the time to learn it so I need an expert who is able to provide...
  10. riseNgrind

    Contact form submitter for Amazon and Etsy

    Looking for a developer that can create a contact form submitter for Amazon and Etsy. Ideally would work by inputting a list of keywords, and the tool would go to work submitting requests for each product listing. Looking forward to discussing :)
  11. dintchev

    looking for web contact form mass sending

    Hello members, I hire an ethical hacker for script for mass sending via unprotected PHP’s mail() contact form. We need sending the email only to the owner of the script (cc, bcc); + message text area plain text for adverstisment texts. Please write me on pm or [email protected]
  12. MuchoMac

    Suggestions for GMAIL CRM/Reporting?

    Currently we have all of our clients leads for Chat, Webforms, and Phone BCC a Gmail email address for our business. I have set each email to filter by subject line but I need something will take those filtered emails and put them into some sort of exportable report. I have had no success in...
  13. neverpooragain

    Body Fat Calculator "email collecting"

    Hi few days ago i saw fitness website with some kind of contact form. It was something like: Your weight _____ Your height ______ Gender ______ Your email adresss <send results> Is it plugin guys? Or how can i find something like this i think its great for health/fitness niche.
  14. L

    Any Promos On Paigham Bot?

    Hello, I'm new to the form here, I was curious to know if any of you had promo codes (Or knew where I could get one) for Paigham Bot? Also, those of you that have used it before, what was your experience/ success? Thanks!
  15. D

    Need Contact form List for a specific niche

    Hi everyone... I'm looking for a scraped list of Contact form webpage urls for websites of nightclubs/bars/pubs/discs from all over the world (english speaking countries only preferably US and UK) HMU if you can provide me a list of at least 20K or more such websites and how soon..Cheers!
  16. CrazyAnimal

    Wordpress Contact form 7 mail send/receive issue

    Hi, Need your help. Here i am using contact form 7 (Plugin). And i am using the following mail-id's to send & receive this form, ie., To : abc[AT]domain[dot]com From : noreply[AT]yourdomain[dot]com Since i can't receive the mail from the form. When i click the submit button, the form is...
  17. coolsheet

    Contact Form 7 + PayPal | How do I get notified of services being ordered?

    I wasn't sure what section of the forum to post this in. It's not really a web design question but more of a configuration of how paypal/contact form 7 will communicate to me via email. I have a sales page on a wordpress site that sells multiple services. Each service is linked to it's own...
  18. Shadexpwn

    Make 1000's Pushing Social Media Promotional Messages Using ScrapeBox Contact Form SPAM

    So I figured I'd be posting this due to it being something uniquely created to blast your sales through the roof with a stupid easy tactic most people overlook. ScrabeBox has many functionalities and one of them can be utilized to do an action I see great value in on a consistent basis as well...
  19. 2

    Contact forms

    I have been trying to find a decent contact form service, I found adobe forms central to be adequate for basic design forms. But I'm looking for alternatives as id like to add a form to my website where the user can select a brand based on a picture and then it takes them to another page in the...
  20. C

    Best WP plugin contact form

    Hi guys I need to add an custom order form for a WP site to get customers requirements. So please suggest me the best free WP-plugin to make a custom order form. Thank you.
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