1. S

    Looking for an expert Black Hat SEO consultant for short term project (compensation: $1,000-$3,000+)

    I'm looking for a black hat SEO expert to quickly improve the rankings of 1-2 pages on my CBD/hemp eCommerce site. I'm looking for the best of the best and I'm willing to pay $1k-$3k or even more for this small project if you have a proven track record and can get results without undue risk. I...
  2. G

    Hello BHW :)

    I'm Graig and i'm glad to be a member of this comunity :D How can i help comunity? So...: - I'm very good at video editing - I know a lot of things about online payments, CCs, accounts. - I know a lot about, SIPs, SMS&Voice automatization, etc. - Also, i have an relevant expertize about...
  3. M

    Looking To Hire Proxy Consultant

    My business requires HQ mobile lte proxies (very official business no spam or adult) This is instagram related I currently have one provider but have more orders than he can fulfill I am looking to hire a consultant who can find me a HQ mobile proxy provider, I can hire for a one time fee...
  4. massajidder

    Old in the game—new to BHW

    Hi guys, I'm a Digital Marketing Consultant who works mostly with SEA like AdWords and Bing Ads. One year ago I started my own consultancy business, where I now have large top-brand clients but also smaller SME. I have my own side-projects where I do a lot of experimenting, so this forum will...
  5. A

    Anyone offering DFY service for newbies?

    Hi all, I was wondering if there is any successful internet entrepreneur who has some time to build a business from scratch to newbies like me, with a proven system that won't fail. The steps would be starting from profitable niche selection all the way to traffic and revenue generation. In the...
  6. N

    looking for: seo consultant

    A legit 2 y-o multilanguage SaaS website needs some SEO love. Looking for a consulant to: 1. check/improve on-page seo, especially internal linking 2. research good long tail keywords and suggest landing pages 3. suggest linkbuilding strategy, propose providers/plans 4. give their advice on...
  7. MissAva

    Quick Browse Over My Sites

    Hi Guys (& Gals) I just want someone to browse over my (5 or so) sites and tell me I'm going in the right direction. (not my sassyava site btw). Give me advice. Maybe like an hour worth of consultant work. Obviously Professionals only (with adult website experience). Cheers Ava
  8. xmfhdx

    Need A Guide for SEO stuff and Set Campaign RankerX with KM3 and SB

    Hi Since i am a noob on SEO and backlinks stuff, but i already have RankerX and Kontent Machine and Scrapebox, i need you to teach me and answer any SEO stuff backlinks. We will use Teamviewer so i can watch it and use skype to chat, and also use Paypal for trabsactions. No newbie and i only...
  9. X


    New to this world! Realizing i have a lot of working parts but little knowledge on how to build the engine. I am in need of a BlackHat/WhiteHat specialist that can offer a wide range of different skills. Have a bunch of pieces of the puzzle and need someone to digest it all, see potential in...
  10. T

    Journey Local SEO & Resell Backlinks

    Greetings, dear friends. Firs of all, sorry for my english :) I'm from South America and working for 20 years as a creative director in advertising agencies. But due to the current crisis in my country, thousands of professionals are being laid off, which led me to study hard to start a new...
  11. N

    Shoutout / Growth Consultant?

    Hi all, I've been long time reader (sadly not much to contribute atm) of the site and posted a few questions etc about Instagram but I have been thinking for a while now and wanted to reach out to see if anyone would be interested in being a consultant for some of our accounts? We run a few...
  12. InnovativeSEO

    The Sexiest Offline Marketing Career Might Be Mine

    I have been a member here for a few years now, and I originally joined BHW to network myself among some talented people in hopes of finding some methods to assist me service the various needs my clients have from time to time. I'm sharing this because I have developed my career along the...
  13. Q

    New to BHW but not to internet marketing ;)

    Hi all, glad to be here, just wanted to introduce myself. I have visited a few pages in the past when they came up on Google so figured I should join and get the most out of the site. My background is in social media. If you remember the first time Facebook changed their layout which caused an...
  14. S

    Wanted: SEO consultant for brand

    Hey guys, i've been doing basic SEO and stuff for our brand for the past few years, and its going well(relatively). I feel we need to take a step forward and become more aggressive in our strategy, and i'm too busy and not skilled enough to be our primary SEO guy anymore. I'm looking for...
  15. N

    Looking for Expert SEO consultant to help with car dealership and lead generation

    Hello everyone, I've done some basic reading here at BHW and its a bit like trying to drink the ocean with a straw! Anyway, I'm a small used car dealer. I have a small lot and I have a website for which we pay a company called dealercarsearch. Its not much... its built on something called .net...
  16. royal2b

    [GET] offline biz marketing brochure (front & back) ready for print !

    Hey guys Royal2b here with my first real share on BHW.. I've been using this brochure to catch offline clients for the past few months. Both front(s) and back are already set up with general seo info and web design info as well, which is easy to alter if need be to suite what you're...
  17. A

    Hello from UK

    My name's A, and I'm here mainly looking to make purchases, depending on what's available. I'm a consultant, mostly physical security and business integrity, where people ask me to oversee their various investments in one way or another, but I am looking to branch out. That's it for now, A.
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