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    Greetings, dear friends.

    Firs of all, sorry for my english :)
    I'm from South America and working for 20 years as a creative director in advertising agencies. But due to the current crisis in my country, thousands of professionals are being laid off, which led me to study hard to start a new journey: earn $ 100 / day with Internet Market.

    My experience with consumer communication and behavior caused me to have an idea. Become a digital consultant to work with local entrepreneurs doing Local SEO and being a Digital Marketing Consultant. I'm doing a Local MOZ course. If someone can show me another good (free) course, I would be grateful :)

    My idea is to make my website with articles and videos to explain the basics that many entrepreneurs do not know my country. Even taking by the hand and teach how they can free up their businesses on Google My Business, either by video or ebook. My intention is to offer this help to them and open a channel of communication for future consultancies.

    However, it may take a while and I need to put food on the family table. I thought, then, to create a site to resell backlinks (which would help me later, when I'm already working with local entrepreneurs). As a supplier, you would use the service of the friends present here in BHW.

    To boost sales would make the @meathead1234 method with BuzzBundle to respond to comments in the forums and blogs.

    But at this point I was caught...
    In my country, people still do not know about backlinks, SEO, etc. I'm afraid to sell in portuguese (my native language) and not get sales. So I thought of creating all resell site in english by copying descriptions of backlinks from my supplier (with his permission) and, suddenly buy an average of 20 comments with a good sales pitch in english to go posting randomly.

    What do you think of this method? It might work or it would be better to do everything in my native language?


    To get money fast, one thing crossed my mind: leave my computer working while I am out of home. So I thought of putting my computer available to other people, maybe with Gscraper running from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM. Or scraping expired domains with high CF / TF to resell and make an initial cash. Is it a good idea?

    For now I am, my friends. This is the journey that I have in my mind.
    As I said, my search is for $ 100 / day to cover the family expenses.

    Again sorry for my English. God bless you all.
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