1. F

    Complaints using the contact us or support button at the bottom

    Hi, I am at a stage now where i am just tired and frustrated with the lack of involvement from the admins on the forum regarding a dispute i raised on 1st August. Since i have to be extra careful on what i say or do just to not get myself banned and which would be in the person who scammed me...
  2. Myst3ry

    My most recent article delivery ★★★★★

    The time can always vary but this is first time someone complains for +/- 5 hours more while he didn't tell me it is urgent in first place. Get yourself a coffee first. P.S. I have uninstalled the Skype and made brand new Telegram account. :D
  3. T

    Getting banned from linode for Spam complaints !!

    Hello everyone, We are a legitimate email marketers, we send 200 to 500k emails a day to our costumers but we can't inbox these few month our email are reaching the junk email Folder. linode Cloud Hosting just closed my account cause they got a spam complain from some of our clients and they...
  4. F

    Hosting account closed because of complaint letter

    I had a web service for scraping Facebook public information to excel files, which was running for over a year. I received an email from the web hosting (Siteground) saying: "We have received an official complaint regarding your website. The complaint states that the website puts Facebook...
  5. Q

    ATTENTION!! I have a Lunatic Customer!

    Holy shit balls! This women been literally emailing me for 3 days straight telling me she is going to get me charged with wire fraud! Do you know why!? She put her email in my store and gets abandoned cart checkouts which she is unsubscribed now. I'm scared she is going to get another email and...
  6. FormerBoxer

    Most customers are Physco!

    I just had a customer call my cellphone and tell me "your company is scum, I don't like your product, I'm calling the bbb, I'm getting in touch with a lawyer to get you shut down", blah blah blah. The part I can't understand is how the hell did she get my cell phone number. I don't offer phone...
  7. Elin Dotsya

    Dear Diary, Why Is Marketing So Frustrating?

    Friday, December 16th, 2016 Today I started getting into Instagram. Since Dotsya doesn't have a working mobile, she has to resort to crappy emulators. Nothing is as simple as it seems at first. I try this and I try that, but it's all so exhausting. So tell me my sweet, sweet diary, when will...
  8. blackdoll

    How or Where to file complaint?

    I never had to really find a way to complain about services in the marketplace ... most have threads still open and was able to resolve things that way. Except for the Utoliker service Somehow the moderators have...
  9. M

    crappy SEO Company ~ lol

    Just received this email: "Please tell your crappy SEO company to stop trying to post links on my blog. I moderate everything and it never gets posted. thanks, Sam" Sam Chinigo - schinigo<at>yahoo<dot>com samchinigo<dot>com</>blog Ok Sam, I'll stop.... LOL!
  10. kamikaza

    Goole sent complaint to Cpa.lead :(

    Just recieved letter from my AM Saing that they recieved complaint from google and ask me to stop promoting on YT, otherwise they will not pay me TV Show watermarked videos, no links in description.. Double checked, email is really from my AM, and NOT from some scammer.. Does anyone recieved...
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