1. kurosaki4d

    Questions about UAE Freezone

    Hello Everyone, It’s been a couple of years now that I’m into Affiliate Marketing, and my monthly income has been growing steadily. Currently, the annual income is around $120k per year. Would you say it's time to form an LLC? Or is it still early considering the expenses/taxes of a company...
  2. L

    Need some suggestions in domain

    I want to buy domain for a mobile gaming company with the word "dock" at the end.... but the front part should be short, an available company name and have a .com and or .io address available. Can some one suggest me some names Thank You
  3. O

    How saturated is the vps hosting reselling business?

    I personally find it hard to find sensible non-overpriced options which makes me think there is an opportunity to start a business in this. I also see thousands of "bad" companies everywhere. I'm not sure what type of people are in the market for a new vps hosting provider with better rates and...
  4. JohnKowalski

    Looking for any t-shirt company that pays in crypto

    Hey , Looking for any t-shirt company that pays in crypto, been checking many but they pay with paypal, payoneer, etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  5. whywork

    Looking to develop a simple website for a company

    Need help setting up a simple 2-3 page WordPress website. I already have the domain and content will be provided by me. PM with your work and lets talk. Budget: $50
  6. R1ckS4nch3z

    Can I open a UK company and use it for dropshipping or RA in Europe?

    I want to open a business in the UK and run this business for dropshipping in Europe especially in Germany via Amazon. Is that possible on the accountant/legal side?
  7. renelavan

    Where would you start your company?

    If you were to start a company, where would your start it? And why? What Country would you choose? What state? What is the best country in tax terms? Less payments.. Can you do it living somewhere else?
  8. Dominor001

    An EXCITING and Transparent Journey to building a 50k/month Software/Web development company

    Hi guys! Some of you may know me from a few years back when i was quite active on this forum. Anyway today, I decided to start this journey thread it will be about sharing my experience of building a successful web development/ software development company. I will try my best to share...
  9. Y

    Looking for Proxy Company Directors

    Hello Friends, We work for an off-shore company incorporation firm specializing in helping clients open and register companies anonymously. Many of our clients do not wish to be listed as company directors but are looking for proxies. If you are from a Non-CRS country, or know someone who is...
  10. charmtolucky

    Must Read, an Interesting Post on Covid

    For those who haven't understood yet..... Victoria's Secret has declared bankruptcy. Zara closed 1.200 stores. Chanel, Hermes and Rolex have stopped production. Nike is getting ready for stage two of redundancies. AirBnb founder says that due to the pandemic, 12 years of effort have been...
  11. See you vader

    UK LTD vs US LLC ?

    Which one is better and why ?
  12. Mirkogiovannetti

    What is the best legal venue to open an online business?

    What is the best legal venue to open an online business? Guys any of you have ever spoken here on the forum about what a good country can be where to open an online business? In your opinion, where is the country that is fiscally more convenient? We open a debate about it? The tax system is...
  13. aethernal3

    How to start with IM small business/company/taxes/self-employed

    Hi, dear members of BHW. I seek help. Currently I want to start IM with some free/newbie friendly guides that I found here. Im complete beginner and this will be my first try in IM world. Im planning to do affiliate marketing/or selling products on ebay. For all of this I need PayPal. And my...
  14. miniblicher

    Company size of BHW

    Hi just out of curiosity, I was thinking about how big is the company behind BHW. I know they dont want to tell any numbers like earnings. But was thinking about how many employees they have who get paid. I know alot of the mods are doing it for free which is a nice gesture, and a nice way...
  15. googlebis

    Getting fired from your own company???

    What the fuck does that even mean? i just heard about this! even Steve Jobs got fired from his own company! another thing that surprised me even more is that i didn't find some direct answer to this on google, yt and stuff! as if it is a casual thing! i'm a little shocked/confused, getting fired...
  16. TrioXxx

    Incorporate an anonymous company in the EU

    Is it possible to incorporate an anonymous company in the EU? I need an anonymous corporation for my website imprint. Perhaps if possible with bank account or paypal account. Does anyone know a good service provider and prices?
  17. E

    Binary options company questions

    Is it possible to open a non licensed binary options company in Ukraine? Is there possibility to register a company from web in a country where can accept non licensed binary options company?
  18. Determined Diva

    Digital marketing agency brainstorm

    Hey everyone it's DD here once again:) So as they say when belief comes to fruition wonders happen. My beliefs came to fruition with mind numbing hard work and I'm still slogging for the past 9 hours. That being said, I have been approached to start up a digital marketing agency. I have an...
  19. SeoProMatt

    Has Anyone here started a Real Business Online.

    I know that Affiliate Marketing or Dropshipping can be considered a real business online but that's not what I had in mind. I'm thinking of starting a Real Estate Marketing Company. A little background. I have an affiliate site that makes $800-$1,000/month Online. I'm currently a senior in...
  20. EternalFun

    How to know if a name has been registered as company?

    Hey, how do I know if a name of my choice is registered as a company in any country of the world? I don't want any kind of trouble later so want to be sure from the get-go. I don't want to get sued by any company for a name.
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