1. N

    Websites to read comics online (free of charge)

    Here's a link to check and enjoy comics during this quarantine. Enjoy!
  2. K

    What should be my next step? Youtube channel monetization

    Hi! In the past few weeks I have created a successful Youtube channel by uploading fetish (censored ofc) comic videos. All these comics are freely available on the internet, and I always give credit to the artists. So now I am trying to figure out how to monetize the channel and I would...
  3. A

    How to monetize a comic books site?

    as the title states I'm looking for ways to monetize my comic books download website. the website has over 2000 unique visitors a day
  4. B

    Monetizing a comic book website?

    Comic site with 30,000 fans on facebook and excellent domain, how to monetize? Could someone give me a light?
  5. BuildMoreLinks

    Search Engine Optimization Comic

    This is really too good to be true and I had to share it with you guys. Do let me know your thought's!
  6. funkybunker

    BOOST YOUR SALES NOW Insane BST Threads!! - What the Pros Use!

  7. B

    Looking for a ComicBT invite.

    Greetings all, First time poster. Actually I'm rather new to all of this to begin with. Aside from a little bit on XtremeWrestlingTorrents, I do not torrent. I'm a huge comic book reader, and despite investing a good amount of monthly money into it, there's some stuff I never have the chance...
  8. B

    I have invites to bitspyder. Looking for invites to any good comics tracker.

    I have given away quite a few bitspyder invites on these forums. Have a couple left. PM me if you have invites to any good comics tracker, or any good internet marketing tracker/forum. Send me a PM only if you are looking to trade.
  9. blackma

    Do ye Guys think this funny?

  10. 1

    I almost pissed myself hehe

    Here in Holland we just had a standup show of pablo francisco on the tv. This part is one of the funniest things ive seen with standup comics for a fact :D
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