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Do ye Guys think this funny?

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by blackma, Mar 2, 2011.

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    Do you guys think these guys are funny? They are from where I am from but I am wondering if people outside my own region think this song is funny?

    Is this your sense of humour?​


    INFO: The Rubberbandits are the award winning comedy hip-hop duo of Blind Boy Boat Club and Mr.Chrome from Limerick, Ireland.

    Primarily a stage and television act, they have performed throughout Ireland, at such events as Electric Picnic and the Bulmers International

    Comedy Festival, and have played with Alabama Three, Super Extra Bonus Party and Ice Cube. The Rubberbandits have won

    awards for both their music and Comedy. In 2011 the Duo were declared "Best Irish Act" at the entertainment.ie awards, beating stiff

    competition from such acts as Villagers, Fionn Regan and The Script and also won an IFTA award for their television work.

    The duo is composed of Blindboy Boat Club (real name Dave Chambers) and Mr. Chrome (Bob McGlynn). They conceal their identity on

    stage and in interviews by covering their faces in masks made from plastic shopping bags. The pair met while attending Ardscoil Rís,

    Limerick. Paul Webb, a disc jockey on Spin South West, plays decks for the Rubberbandits, and has also appeared in their videos wearing

    a mask of local politician Willie O'Dea.
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